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The Walking Dead S4, Ep. 12 “Still” Recap

We are back to Beth and Daryl on the run. They find shelter in a trunk of an abandon car to get away from a zombie horde. They stay up all night waiting for the horde to pass and continue on their journey. They set up camp and Beth is all survivor like making a fire while Daryl hunts for food. Beth cannot deal with Daryl’s lack of affect. She is determine to have an alcoholic beverage and refuses to sit there like Daryl doing nothing.

Beth continues her path for alcohol leading them to a golf course with walkers following behind them. They find people that hung themselves that are now walkers. They find themselves ransacking the place while the walkers try to get in. Beth finally finds a bottle of wine but ends up using it to kill a walker. No booze for Beth. They find a dead body with the sign “rich bitch”. The clock rings and they find themselves surrounded by walkers. Daryl takes out a walker with a golf club, can anyone say melee weapon.

Beth finds another bottle and bellies up to the bar. She has a break down before she even takes a drink. Daryl throws the bottle and tells her it is time to leave. I agree with him that for your first drink it should not be Peach Schnapps. Daryl finds a place that he previously went to with Michonne and finds some moonshine and declares it a real first drink. Daryl keeps watch while Beth drinks and is easily convinced to join her. 

Drinking games, "Never have I ever". Really! They begin to learn about each other. Beth makes assumptions about Daryl. Daryl gets pissed and takes out his frustration on Beth. They fight. Some hard truths come out about everyone being dead and those they lost. Daryl gets upset and Beth comforts him when he finally has his breakdown. It is now night time and they are done drinking. Daryl shares a story of his family situation. Daryl admits that he was a drifter with Merle before all this occurred. He says he was a nobody. Beth shared her hopes for the future when they were at the prison. Beth points out that Daryl will miss her when she is gone. She tells him that he just has to let the pain of loss go or it will kill him. They use the rest of the moonshine to burn down the house. (Cheezy backwoods music is played in the background)

My thoughts: Daryl and Beth didn't have to go pee all night? If you are trapped in a trunk all night awake, won’t you feel like you have to pee at some point. Yes this is what I think about when I watch the show. 

These bodies with signs on it are a concern. Raise your hand if you are concerned. We keep seeing these bodies and no one seems to be concerned. I think the gang behind this will be a threat. 

I am sad that they didn't make Daryl's past more interesting. I remember them mentioning at Comic Con that we would learn more, I hope that there is still more. Otherwise this was beat! I am hoping that there is more to the story, but there probably isn't. 

I understand the burning of the house symbolizes letting go for the characters. However it is a soap opera move to burn a house down. C'mon you were thinking. Oh well, until next week. 

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