Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Gear: February Loot Crate Review

So as you all know there are various subscription boxes out there. I first purchased the BirchBox and enjoyed it for a brief moment until I realized that they were not sending me any products that worked with my skin tone or hair. I quickly cancelled that box and was going to get a natural hair box until I read all the negative reviews. Then I noticed on my feed Loot Crate. I figured since I was a geek that I could enjoy this box.

I received my first box on February 21st. I was happy that it appeared on time as I tracked it religiously. I did not believe I would get it on time especially with all the snow in Jersey but surprisingly I did. The Loot Crate offers 3 types of subscriptions. 1 month plan for 19.37 a month and you can cancel anytime; 3 month plan which results in a $55.11 charge once every three months or the 6 month plan for $105.99 every six months.

Okay so what did I get in my first box. As you saw throughout the post I shared pictures of the items. I was surprised to really enjoy the box and I purchased the 1 month plan because I was not ready to commit for 3 months. I think my favorite thing from the box is the Kid Robot Dunny. He is just so cute with his little fishing rod. I almost want to give him to my Dad since he loves fishing and instilled in me that same love.

I am not sure what I will do with the catbug bow tie, I might use it as a headband. The pull tie bag is basic but cool. The tshirt is awesome. I love my graphic tees as you can tell from my interviews on here with tshirt companies so that only makes the box well worth it to me. I have not figured out every item on the tshirt so if you do put it in the comments. The shirt is from Shirt Woot so it is of an okay quality. 

I would overall recommend getting the box but if you are still weary take your time. I will do a review on all my boxes going forward so check back and make your decision once you see what I get in my boxes for a consistent time. 

Who doesn't love a bacon card? Not sure who I would give this to but it was nice to get it in the box. Share your thoughts about the box in the comments. Loot Crate can be purchased at Loot Crate Official Website

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