Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Teen Wolf S3, Ep. 20 “Echo House” Recap

Show starts with Stiles and his father. He is taking him to the mental hospital. Scott shows up and Stiles decides to put himself on a 72 hour hold psych hold. He tells Scott to make sure he never gets out. Mr. Stilinski has a freak out about his son being locked up but settles down. He is taken with staff and they witness a man hanging himself.

Scott, Alison, Mr. Argent, and Deegan talk about the need for a scroll to help to deal with the evil kitsune. Stiles is introduced to his roommate, Oliver, and he talks about an echo that they all hear and why it is called Echo House. Stiles decides to leave the nut house and he sees Malia in the hospital. Malia attacks Stiles. In walks Ms. Morell and asks Stiles what he knows. He indicated that he was in the basement there before. 

Derek and Argent are still in lock up. They are moving the evidence to federal lock up. They talk about what they will do about Stiles if they cannot get him back to normal. Derek asks Argent if he will feel remorse for killing Stiles and Argent states yes for Stiles and no for the evil inside him. Argent is visited by his mother who reminds him that she is a hunter first. Stiles is in group therapy with Ms. Morell. Stiles continues to see the evil kitsune lurking around. Ms. Morell is concerned about the marks on his body and when they fade the kitsune will take over. Ms. Morell says he should not fall asleep and if the evil takes over she will kill him.

Scooby gang gathers to plan to rob the armor car filled with the evidence against Argent and Derek.. Stiles finds himself in the bathroom with Malia. She is upset that they turned her back to human from coyote and lives with the guilt of her sister and mother. She wants to turn back and he can help her. He says he needs help getting into the basement. Turns out the keys do not work and he ends up being sedated for stealing the keys.

Kara wants to help the Scooby Gang. Kara has picked up an awesome ability with a katana. Stiles is asleep and the evil kitsune is messing with him and he is locked up. Luckily Malia woke him up before the kitsune could take over. As they are about to do the ambush on the truck, the Scooby Gang finds themselves confronted by Kincaid. They want him to give up the finger that contains the scroll they need. Fight sequence. Everyone is down and out until the twins show up and start beating him up.

Malia and Stiles get down to the basement and look through papers. She kisses Stiles. Malia has her first kiss. They begin to hook up. The fight is over and the Scooby Gang won. Malia finds the backwards 5 and Stiles breaks through the wall and they find a body that was walled in. They find the body of the evil kitsune. Olivers shows up and shocks them both and plans to drill into Stiles head. The kitsune spoke to Oliver. He begins to threaten Malia and asks Stiles to let him in. Stiles lets him in and tells Oliver to stop. The evil kitsune is now in control.

The scroll says they way to stop the kitsune is to change the body of the host. Scott realized that he has to change Stiles into a werewolf. Malia has been released from the hospital and is looking for Scott. End

My thoughts: The whole intake of Stiles is not realistic. Plus as was pointed out on Wolf Watch we still do not know Stiles first name. The hospital was purposely dark and evil and not like modern day hospitals. I know that they are doing it to add to the creep factor but still.

Nightmare on Elm Street anyone? Do not fall asleep. You know Stiles is going to fall asleep but it is cute that he was determined to stay awake. 

Quick question – How old is Alison? If her father is locked up shouldn’t she be in protective services. She is not 18. She is not old enough to live on her own so how is she still living on her own?

This show is so packed with moments. Wow Ms. Morell is back. I wonder what will happen having Malia in the mix and how is she a coyote? If she is Peter’s daughter why isn’t she a wolf? I am very confused. Oh well, share your thoughts and predictions in the comments. 

Post by Vikki
Twitter: ProfessorWhite


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