Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Teen Wolf S.3. Ep. 17 “Silverfinger” review

Flashback of Mr. Argent seeing all those around him being killed. He was part of a gun deal in Japan where the shadows turned up and killed everyone. Argent destroyed a mask of one of them with his gun before fleeing. One person survived the fight and had a silver finger. I guess that is where the title comes from. Argent believes SilverFinger will be able to help them. 

Kara asks Scott to see him as a werewolf. He changes for her. She touches his face and really cheesy music is playing in the background. Aiden and Ethan team up to protect Scott from the Demonic Ninjas. Stiles tries to show Scott about the key and numbers and now everything is gone. Scott doesn't believe Stiles was behind it. Scott thinks the Demonic Ninjas are not after him but rather Kara.

Argent, Isaac, and Alison work together to find SilverFinger. Stiles sees Mrs. McCall and lets her know all his symptoms. Due to his lack of sleep she sedates him. As he is falling asleep he says “Thanks Mom”. Talk about pulling the heart strings. Scott ditches his protection crew and takes off with Kara. The Argents use Isaac to go sell a special gun to bring SilverFinger out. Alison finally kisses Isaac to calm him down.

Scott takes Kara back to his house. He plans to hole up in there to protect Kara. Mrs. McCall recognizes the symptoms of Stiles being the same as his mother who died. Kara shows Scott a Chinese mythology about a kitsune that is a fox with powers. Mr. McCall shows up and lets Scott and Kara know that he knows they broke into his office and has pictures of them on his laptop. Mrs. McCall comes in as the sun sets and the Five begin to appear. Mr. McCall gets stabbed and then the werewolves show up to the fight. Sliding in through smoke and jumping in through windows. They use mountain ash to keep them out.

Argents finally get in to talk to SilverFinger who says the Five are demons.  Turns out Argent saved him during that fight. Derek has been following Scott all day. Mr. McCall is bleeding out and they are trapped in the house. SilverFinger lets them know that the demons are looking for one that is possessed by a dark spirit. There is no man made weapon to destroy them. He says to let the Five destroy the evil spirit. Aiden and Ethan figure out that Kara is not human. There are 13 kinds of Kitsune and they can be evil but not necessarily.

Alison lets them know the Five will not hurt them. Scott tells everyone to not attack. Scott and Kara meet the Five head on and are found not to be evil. They are now both marked. Stiles wakes up from his sleep. Stiles wanders the hall and is confronted by the Five. He grabs the hand and rips it apart. He crushes the lightening bug from the Shadow. Scott finds Stiles alone in the hospital. Stiles acts as though nothing has happened and ask what is going on. 

My Thoughts: Totally routing for Kara and Scott. They continue to develop that relationship. I vote for them and  not so much for Alison and Isaac.  

I think they moved too soon with revealing Stiles as being the evil spirit. They should have left it with a question mark for a couple episodes. The evil spirit picked Stiles for a reason. The question is why because Alison and Scott have the same window open in their brain so why did the spirit go for him. Plus what is the connection to his mother. Maybe there is more to Stiles then we originally thought. 

Also I still believe Mr. McCall knows all about the supernatural and appears that he does have an agenda. The question is what is that agenda. 

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