Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Teen Wolf S.3, Ep. 19 “Letharia Vulpria” Review

Important Moments: Show starts with men in a house and there is a wolf in the middle of the room. In walks Dr. Deaton to treat the wolf. Deaton believes the wolf ate a herb and the bodyguards refuse to go to the guardian to get the herb because of superstition. Turns out the garden is where the evil kitsune was killed. Turns out the man is the kid of the evil kitsune. The herb is called Letharia Vulpria. Deaton has poisoned the man to paralyze him. Deaton plans on using the herb to destroy the evil spirit.

Kara is in front of the building as the electrical wire comes down. Water seeps out and everyone is electrocuted. Kara jumps into the water and grabs the wire and neutralizes it. Her eyes glow really cool. Isaac is shocked. Stiles has been missing for two days. Scott and Mrs. McCall go to visit Isaac. She lets in Scott and Allison. Scott does the healing thing and tries to help heal him but can only help with the pain. Kara believes the evil spirit has been offended.

Scott, Ethan, and Aiden go to the basement and find Stiles. Scott stops the twins from tearing him apart. Stiles says that he believes he has been doing something horrible but does not know what. He gives all the stuff to Scott to let him figure it out. The Coach has everyone out running in the woods where Stiles believes he has been recently.

Mr. Argent arrives home to his door unlocked and Derek there. Derek found Argent's emitters in his loft. Looks like Stiles is trying to pin the two against each other. Argent and Derek find a metal briefcase filled with cash from Silver Finger. Mr. McCall shows up with the finger and says he is dead and arrests the two. Scott and friends gather everyone in the woods and stops them from running. Stiles finds a metal chain. The Coach hits a trip wire which causes him to be shot by an arrow.

Lydia and Alison show up to see Peter. Stiles freaks out at the blood of the coach. Argent and Derek are sitting at the police station. Argent believes there is a reason that they are under arrest. Peter tries to claim he is the reason that Lydia has her powers. Peter claims he wants to help Lydia and wants something in return. He presents the nails of Derek’s mother. Aiden finds bolts and wrapping paper and believes Stiles made another bomb and put it on a school bus. Kara’s father is there and a kid on the bus picked up the present.

Peter claims his sister stole a memory from him and he wants Lydia’s help in finding it. Peter is trying to get Lydia to focus. Lydia hears something. She says to him that Peter is not just an uncle, he is a father as well. Kara’s parents meet together about The Five. He asks her how many more tails is she willing to sacrifice. Kara watches on. A young deputy checks on the bomb and finds the Sheriff’s name plate. The bomb is at the police station. Derek covers Mr. Argent as it explodes and saves his life.

 Peter is upset that Lydia cannot tell him more about his child. The Five have been released again and Kara, Scott, and Stiles are on the run from them. Lydia figure the lost girl from earlier in the season and believes she is Peter’s daughter and that is why she changed. Scott and Kara take on the Five and Kara finds she can fight. One of them stabs Scott. Evil Stiles takes over and knocks out Kara. He begins to twist the blade in Scott. He wants to take the pain that Scott has been taking away all day. Deaton shows up and injects Stiles. The fox is poisoned but not dead.

My Thoughts: How much more did evil Stiles do? He has been planning this whole time and is more than a few steps ahead of them. Now that he has been poisoned we know that he will make last minute moves to try and cause as much problems as he can. Also where will it leave Stiles? Plus Kara says that the kitsune was offended and I wonder how. 

Kara's mother is using her tails to call out the Five. My question is does Kara realize that she has that power as well. Also what does it mean when there are no more tails since a Kitsune has only 9 tails. I guess we shall see. 

Wow Peter has a child and it may be the little girl that grew up in the woods as a wolf that whole time. I wonder how this came about. There is so much unknown. 

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