Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Xbox Fitness Review

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As some of you know I enjoy working out via the Kinect. The Kinect was a great selling point for the Xbox One for me personally. I know many gamers griped about the Kinect but I personally like it. I enjoy the voice and hand commands. The new Kinect is so refined and I look forward to seeing what the scheduled updates for February and March 2014 will do for it.

The Xbox One introduced Xbox Fitness which is a free app for Xbox Gold Members for the first year. This app offers various work outs from Shaun T, P90X, Jillian Michaels, and 10 Minute Solutions. The workouts vary in time and if equipment is needed. There are free workouts and some are available for purchase. However there are a lot of free workouts so the need to purchase a workout is only if you desire.

The Kinect does a fantastic job with reading your body and you are dinged when you are not giving 100%. It works similar to other workout video games in the sense that you have a competitive element to it and attempt to strive to get perfects on all the various moves. It shows what muscles groups are targeted on each move which I enjoy.

I think that Xbox One has a winner on it's hands here. I enjoy the work outs and find that they are the right level of difficulty and offer a great variety. While this app is free for now it is scheduled to become an app that you will have to pay for in the future. I believe it is worth it and I will be purchases when I need to. Share your thoughts about the work Xbox Fitness in the comments.

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