Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Vampire Diaries s5 ep.12 “The Devil Inside” Review

Katherine is now in Elena’s body and uses Matt to help fill in the blanks. Damon gets rid of Katherine’s body, however Katherine needs that body to complete the traveler spell to have complete control of the body. Aaron lets Caroline know that the Augustine experiments have been stopped. Aaron finds himself trapped by Enzo. Nadia ties Katherine to the bed to make sure nothing happens when Elena comes through.

Enzo shows up the boathouse where Damon finds him. Enzo brought him Aaron as a gift for them to finish him off. Matt is having a huge welcome home party for Tyler. Katherine comes to the party. Stefan talks to Elena who is really Katherine. She is there to find out where her body is and is a little shock when Stefan does not feel bad about Katherine’s death. Enzo is trying to encourage Damon to kill Aaron. Damon breaks Enzo’s neck and compels Aaron to leave town.

Katherine believes her old body is buried in the tomb. Caroline spills her guts to Katherine about her hooking up with Klaus. Katherine purposely sets Caroline up to continue talking about it when Tyler is within hearing distance. She then acts surprised to see him there and Caroline is upset.

Katherine starts to do the rest of the curse. In the middle of it, Elena takes back over the body. Caroline goes to talk to Tyler. Tyler tells her to walk away. Stefan intervenes and Tyler lets him know that she hooked up with Klaus. Stefan still punches Tyler for being a douche. Elena ruins the ritual and takes off. The spell is able to continue and Katherine now has complete control of her body.

Damon tries to let Elena know that he wants her back. However, with Katherine in control of the body, she breaks up with Damon. Tyler is sitting and trying to drink away his problems. Matt is there to comfort him.  Katherine tells Nadia that she is staying and asks Nadia to stay with her. Katherine says she wants Stefan back. Damon falls off the wagon and he and Enzo corner Aaron and kill him.  

My Thoughts:

I vote for Stefan and Caroline to get together. I think they will be fun and are meant to be. Those two have really developed a friendship and I think it would be good for both of them. I am sad to see that Katherine won this round so easily. I hope that Stefan does not fall for her tricks. Also Tyler needs to get it together. He did horrible things in New Orleans and yet he wants Caroline to be pure and perfect for him. 

I wonder how long it will take for the Scooby Gang to figure out Elena is gone? 

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