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The Walking Dead S4, Ep. 11 “Claimed” Recap

The show starts with Glenn and Tara hanging out with Abraham and his crew. Abraham enjoys taking out some walkers and Tara points it out. We meet up with Michonne and Carl having breakfast and he becomes upset when he mentions Judith by mistake. Poor thing. Michonne takes Carl out on a supply run. Michonne tries to cheer him up but continues to fail. Michonne admits to Carl about having a son as a way to bond.

Rick wakes up from his nap hearing voices and finds that there are people in the house. Rick finds himself hiding under the bed. Michonne starts a game with Carl that lets him ask questions about her son and previous life. Rick is almost found out when two guys fight over the bed and poor Rick is still stuck under the bed.

Glenn finally wakes up and makes them stop the truck. Eugene and Rosita are finally introduced as well as Abraham. They are on a mission to DC to take Eugene who is a scientist to help with the outbreak. Abraham tries to give Glenn a hard truth that Maggie is dead and he punches Abraham for the comment. The two start to fight. Walkers start to come out and Eugene starts to shoot and ends up hitting the gas line in the truck. Rick is finally out from under the bed but is trapped upstairs. He has to kill one of the guys to keep from being found out.

Rick is forced to climb out the window. Glenn still takes off to find Maggie and with the disabled truck the rest of the group takes off on foot and begins to talk down the road. Poor Rick is out of the house but still trapped until the man he killed wakes up a walker. Then he is able to get away and grab Michonne and Carl on the way. Carl, Rick, and Michonne are out on the rail road tracks and find a sign promising sanctuary. It is a similar sign that Tyrese and the girls found. 

My Thoughts: Abraham is awesome and he has the awesome stache! That is all that matters in my opinion. As I think about the graphic novel, I do not believe there are any more pivotal characters that we need to meet right now. Happy to see that they are following Eugene’s story line. 

Again, I must say that I enjoy Carl and Michonne’s relationship. It is necessary for both of them. I enjoyed this episode and it is interesting to see the small groups slowly being directed to sanctuary. 

What do you think they will find at the sanctuary?

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