Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Fanboys: A Virus That Keeps Spreading

You know the old saying “Drugs are destroying our youth”? Well I put Fanboys up there with drugs. Let’s talk about how old I am for a minute. Remember when having a Nintendo, and Sega Genesis meant you were the coolest kid on the block? Pepperidge Farms Remembers. I was fortunate enough to have both NES, and Sega Genesis. Everyday friends would ask if it was okay to come over after school and play, and this would go on through my Super Nintendo/Sega Saturn/Sega CD/Gameboy era. Owning a PlayStation/N64 was great as well (I skipped the Dreamcast we all know why), but then something happened, Microsoft threw its hat into the proverbial “gaming ring”, and Fanboys were born. Now granted there was Console Wars between Sega and Nintendo, but we were too young to believe into the hype (and there was no Social Media), but somewhere along the way it became PS2 vs. X-Box vs. GameCube.

Then you had to pick who was your favorite. Why? All these years of playing every console, now I get scrutinized if I have one system, and not the other? It’s to the point where you start to think “Were they apart of creating this console?”  When did it stop being about gaming? Fanboys take the fun out of gaming, and now it’s more “Well this runs Native 1080p”, “We have better exclusive” “We have a more powerful console”. Really!? We!? Last time I checked having really good graphics didn’t make a game good. Each console brings their own thing to the table, but you can’t call yourself a “Gamer” while bashing other consoles. We as gamers should be excited about gaming period. Now I’m not saying go out there and buy every console because we’re not made of money, I’m simply saying respect each other, we shouldn’t be enemies there’s plenty of those in the game.

Post by Rich
Twitter: HailkingRich


  1. Completely agree. Can't we all just get along.

  2. Yup in the end its all about the games and having fun and enjoyment with it =)