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Teen Wolf S.3, Ep. 24 "The Divine Move" Season Finale Recap

The show starts with Lydia, Scott, and Isaac sitting in the police station. Scott replays what happened after Alison dies. Mr. Argent coached him on what his story is to the cops. Stiles is drinking tea with Kira's mother to calm down. They talk about a divine move. They need to think outside the box to turn the game around. Mr. Argent returns home with Isaac. It is hard for him to even step foot into the house. The Oni show up to the police station and start fighting. Derek talks to the twins. He tells them to fight for Scott's cause if they want to join Scott's pack. The cause is for Scott to save his friends no matter what. 

Nogitsune shows up to the hospital looking for Mrs. McCall. The Oni begin chopping people down in the hospital. Mrs. McCall and Mr. McCall are at the hospital together. Mrs. McCall ends up with her leg sliced. Isaac is in Alison room with Mr. Argent. Isaac realizes that the silver arrow head that Alison made was used on the Oni. Mr. Stilinski pulls out the shot gun and blows back one of the Oni. Lydia feels weak and thinks that they are running out of time. The police station fight is finally done and Mr. Stiliniski and the deputy are both cut. 

Kira, Scott, Lydia, and Stiles walk into the high school and find themselves in the garden where the Nogitsune died. Mrs. McCall is weak from blood loss. She tells Mr. McCall to do better in terms of Scott. Derek shows up with the Nemeton tree box that they think can trap the Nogitsune. The twins show up to fight with him against the Nogistune. The burned victim Nogitsune shows up with the Oni to face Scott and gang. Deaton is confronted by the Oni at the Animal Clinic and is cut. The Oni are cutting all those close to Stiles. The nogitsune set Scott up to kill Stiles as the only way to stop everyone from dying who have been cut by the blade. Mrs. McCall is starting to get worse and is regurgitating blood. Stiles tells them to stop fighting as it is just an illusion. They are able to get out of the illusion. Kira and Scott and knocked out leaving Lydia and Stiles against the Nogitsune. Aiden ends up being stabbed by the blade. Lydia reminds the nogitsune that the scroll says that to defeat him is to change him. Scott bites the Nogitsune and Kira stabs him. Isaac captures the fly that comes out. The nogitsune cracks and becomes smoke. 

Mrs. McCall begins to heal and get better as does everyone who has been cut. Stiles passes out but is okay. Lydia realizes that something is wrong. Ethan sits down with Aiden who is coughing up black. He dies in his brother's arms. Lydia runs outside and realize that happened. Music sequence seeing everyone trying to deal with their loss. They are at the school and Mahlia is there. You see Scott trying to teach Mahlia how to pull out her claws while Stiles watches. Ethan is talking to Danny that he does not think he can stay. Danny says he does not think he can date a werewolf. Ha! Danny is fully aware and says that it is Beacon Hills. I love it!!!! Stiles is taking down all his papers from the wall. Scott is at work. Deaton tells Scott that things will always even out. 

Derek is talking to Stiles about having a nightmare. He talks about how he was kidnapped by a family and then they showed up to his warehouse later. They were looking for a she-wolf. He thinks they are looking for Kora but they are not. A smoke bomb comes in and they are taking out by the she-wolf. Derek talks about the ways one can be turned by a scratch. Derek thinks he is in a dream and turns out that he is when talking to Stiles but not at his warehouse. Derek realizes that the warehouse is real and that Kate Argent is back and is a werewolf. She was turned when Peter slashed her throat.

My Thoughts: A lot of death and action going on in the first 20 minutes of the show. It was heart breaking to watch Isaac and Mr. Argent. Mr. Argent keeps saying that this is his duty but you can tell that he is barely holding it together. I like seeing everyone working together and Mr. Argent having a chance to kill those that killed his daughter.

While I both like and dislike the twins it is sad to see one of them die. The Danny and Ethan moment was well done!

Kate Argent is back and a werewolf!!! OMG! What has she been up to that people are out looking for her. She has been causing havoc! I cannot June where will get season 4. Overall this has been a great season. I at first did not care for all the ninja stuff but in the end it worked.

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