Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Game Over: Are Video Games Detrimental to a Relationship?

Playing games has always been a topic of discussion when it comes to violence, and lack of exercise, but can video games cause problems in a relationship especially when the counterpart doesn’t play? I ask this question because, Leonard is with Penny and that can’t be possible…right? I’ve been in relationships where I played video games, and the person I dated refused to be with someone who played video games.

During that time I had to hide my PS2 and N64 whenever she stopped by which is not good because I’m lying to myself and her as well. We can make it work right? We’ll keep dating, and eventually get married, and when she goes to sleep at night I’ll break out the old console like a mad man. I’ve also been in a relationship where she never played video games, but was willing to learn.

So when you find that person who’s willing to learn, or who knows their way around a controller don’t think that it means you’re free to play whenever you want. Time management has to be instrumental in a relationship there’s a time to play, and a time not to play. If you can’t see the signs of it being time to cuddle up, and watch a movie, then you deserve to be single for a while. You have to understand that everyone you meet won’t have the same interest as you, and you can’t have this “Well I can’t be/hangout with someone who doesn’t have the same interest as me” cause now you’re limiting yourself to a lot of awesome people, and you never know they might teach you a thing or two and vice versa. Or you can just wait until they go to sleep, and play.

Post by Rich Ward
Twitter: HailKingRich

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  1. Shacona WashingtonMarch 20, 2014 at 1:26 PM

    Absolutely! I wasn't a true gamer until I met my ex husband. I wanted to understand the fascination with gaming for hours. Well I get it now and I just as bad. LOL. But knowing when to stop is most definitely key.