Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Teen Wolf S3, Ep 23 "Insatiable" Recap

Show starts with Deaton pulling flies out of the mouths of Isaac, Ethan, and Aiden. Mrs. McCall is examining the Stiles that came out of the floor. They are unsure which Stiles is which. They bring Stiles to face Kira's mother. The Oni grab Stiles and mark him. They believe the Nogitsune took Lydia for her Banshee powers. Lydia is in a hallway hearing screams. The Nogitsune is looking for a scream from Lydia. Kira's mother wants to teach Kira Reversi as Stiles was playing with Nogitsune. She believes it means something. Scott brings Stiles to see his father.

Derek and Argent talk. Argent lets him know that he is not an enemy and that the Nogitsune will be coming for them. Stiles remembers a girl from the psych ward and a girl there that talked about the whole story. They realize that she has escaped. Ethan and Aiden are running in the woods and find themselves being shoot at with wolfsbane. Aiden is knocked out. Alison and Isaac find Lydia's car. She talks to him and confirms that it was him the other night when they were together. Alison gets an odd look on her face and breathes onto the window and finds the message "Don't Find Me". (Remember when Scott would hide messages like that for her). The Coach is about to teach class when they notice the crazy girl, Meredith, is in the class.

Stiles wakes up from his nap. Scott realizes that Stiles is in pain and is freezing. Kira lets Scott know that Meredith is at the school. She says she hears people screaming. The Nogitsune continues to try to break Lydia's spirit by letting her know that her friends do not care about her. The Nogitsune wants food and Lydia can produce it for him. Meredith is listening to the piano strings and says she cannot hear them. The coach comes in time to save Meredith from the jerky psych attendant.

Argent teaches Alison to make her own bullets but she decides to make silver arrow heads instead. She takes the time to tell her father that she loves him since she did not get to say it to her father. Scott's father shows up to talk. Mr. McCall tells Scott about how he fell down the stairs during a fight between his parents. His father was drunk and that is when he left. Scott says the house if full of accidents and he does not need his apologies.  Meredith lets Stiles and Isaac know that Lydia does not want to be found. Derek gets the twins to somewhere safe. Kira's mother takes the Oni to face the Nogitsune. Derek brought the shells to Argent who knows where they are from. Alison plans on going to where they think Lydia is and refuses to wait for her father.

They all notice that Stiles is looking bad. The Scooby Gang is together and sets out to save one of their own. Kira faces her mother. Scott and Stiles look for Lydia. The Nogitsune took the last tail and now has control of the Oni. Fight sequence. Lydia freaks out when she sees Scott and Stiles. She says they were not supposed to be there. Stiles falls down. Isaac is being slashed by the Oni. She is able to save Isaac but is run through by a sword resulting in Lydia screaming. Scott gets there in time to see it happen and he catches her as she falls. Alison asks if Lydia is safe. Scott realizes he cannot take Alison's pain. She tells him it is okay and that she loves him. She dies in his arms. The Oni leave. Mr. Argent arrives and sees his daughter.  

My Thoughts: Beautiful father/son reunion between Stiles and Mr. Stilinski.  I enjoy seeing the Meredith character. She adds a good layer. Also why is everyone split up! They know the Nogitsune causes problems and you would figure they would want to be together. Derek shows up to help the twins.
Raise your hand if you think there is more to the story of Scott's father leaving. I think the story was not told correctly. I think it was the mother that was drunk. 
First Mr. Argent loses his sister, then his wife, and finally his daughter. Man! No words. What did you think of tonight's episode?

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