Friday, March 21, 2014

Locke and Key Volume 6: Alpha and Omega Review

All good things must come to an end, and Alpha and Omega brings the story of Tyler, Kinsey, and Bode to an end. This has been one of my favorite series and has made me a big fan of Joe Hill’s writing and Gabriel Rodriguez’s art. So if you haven’t been reading this series let me fill you in, after the tragic death of their father the Locke family moves across the country to live in the deceased father’s childhood home.  But the Lovecraft house is more than meets the eye as magical keys begin revealing themselves to the Locke children. Eventually we learn that the Father’s death was not as random as they had once believed and an old villain who had been cast away decades earlier makes his appearance. 

The series then follows the Locke children as they defend the Omega key from this villain using the magic of the keys all the while dealing with the fallout of the loss of their father and being the new kids in a new school and town. It was very entertaining to see the children learn the lessons of dealing with the responsibilities of the keys powers, learning that the powers can’t fix everything in their personal lives.

This volume has the children dealing with the climax of the villain’s plans as he finally gets his hands on the Omega key and plans to unleash evil onto the world. It’s quite poetic that the series climax happens at a prom after party as prom is the climax of every school year. There were plenty of moments in this book that choked me up, especially a part with Rufus in the second chapter. It was crazy to see a battle that had been confined to the Locke kids and the villain at the Lovecraft house expand to numerous innocent bystanders, the amount of collateral damage this final struggle between good and evil was shocking. 

Joe Hill’s writing was superb throughout the series and Gabriel Rodriguez’s art matched it at every step, it’s great to see a writer and artist so in sync. I can’t wait until this story is collected in an omnibus and I can have the whole story in one place. This is a story I would offer to anyone, whether they are a fan of comics or not. 

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