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Once Upon a Time S3, Ep. 14 "The Tower" Review

Show starts with Charming hearing a baby cry. He finds the nursery for Emma. He sees Emma as a princess. He has a dance with his daughter and is sad that he never got that chance. The room becomes dark and Emma is snatched into a portal in the tree. Charming wakes up from a dream. Snow tells Charming that she is pregnant. Present day the team works together to find The Wicked Witch of Oz. The Wicked Witch has Rumplestilskin in the cellar. She has the blade that can kill him. She begins to shave him and talks about how her father was a drunk.

Zelena is in Mr. Gold's shop and meets Belle. She says she wants to buy a gift. She freezes Belle and takes a root out of a jar in the safe. Hook, Charming, and Emma find a holly berry. Charming has to go meet with the midwife. Enchanted Forest - Charming is taking a drink and sees Robin Hood. Charming admits to having fear for his unborn child. Robin mentions a root to over come fears. Robin tells him that the forest is haunted. Present Day - Charming and Snow meet Zelena. She makes tea and puts part of the item she got from Gold in Charming's tea.

Enchanted Forest - Charming is looking for the root and hears a woman crying for help. He climbs a rope into a tower and realizes it is hair and it is Repunzel in the tower. She was looking for the night root as well. They both talk about their fear and how it did not work. Repunzel says there is a witch that will not let her leave. Present day - Zelena tells Charming to get the fears out into the open. David goes to join Emma and Hook and is being haunted by the Witch he met with Repunzel.

Regina is with Henry. They are talking and Regina lets him know that one day he will have more family. Enchanted forest - Charming tries to cut the hair to stop the witch but he is too late as the witch is already on the roof. Present Day - Emma and Hook find an empty house. They find a storm cellar. David faces the witch and finds himself being strangled. It turns out the hooded figure is him. Enchanted Forest - He tells Repunzel to defeat her fears. Repunzel cuts the hair and faces her fears. Present Day - Charming fights himself and wins that he is afraid of being a bad father. Repunzel is able to return home. Zelena has stolen a part of Charming's courage. They return to the cellar and find that the lock has been broken and Rumplestilskin is now out. 
My Thoughts: 
Great show as always. The witch has taken Charming's courage. I wonder if she will take someone's heart and brain as well. Do we have to wait for Dorthy to show up as well as the Wizard of Oz. I wonder how this is all going to work out with Rumple out and about as his evil self? What are your thoughts. 

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