Sunday, March 9, 2014

Once Upon a Time S3, Ep. 12 "New York City Serenade" Recap

Important Moments: Show starts with Sleeping Beauty and Phillip. She is now pregnant and they see magic clouds coming as they do a poor attempt of running away from it. They notice that the group from Storybrooke are now back in the Enchanted Forest. Real world, Emma is out to dinner. Captain Hook shows up again to talk to Emma and convince Emma that he is telling the truth. Back in the Enchanted Forest Regina, Snow, and Charming join up to bring hope to all in the land. Sleeping Beauty and Phillip speak about telling "her" about their return in order to protect themselves. Emma's boyfriend, Walsh, proposes to her and she has a mini meltdown.

Emma returns home to find Henry playing a video game. Henry has a heart to heart with his mother and tells her to give it a chance. Forest - They are all making a ride to the Queen's castle. Hook plans to find his ship and leaves the group. Neal wants to stop by his father's place and hope to find his father. Real World - Emma decides to go to the address provided by Hook. The address is to Neal's place. She finds a camera with Henry's name on it. Emma confronts Hook about what she found. She believes he sounds crazy. He offers her a potion to help with her memory. Emma has Hook arrested for assault.

Forest - Belle gives Neal hope that they can get Rumple back. They notice the queen is missing. Snow finds Regina burying her own heart.  Regina puts her heart back in. As they are walking back to the group they find themselves attached by a flying monkey. They are saved by Robin Hood. Real World - Henry urges Emma to say yes to Walsh. Emma developed the pictures from Henry's camera. Emma has Hook released. He tells her that it is true and that she needs to drink the potion to find the truth. She drinks it and finds herself remembering everything.

Regina asks Snow about her thoughts on Robin. They come close to the castle and notice a protection spell around the castle. Regina is determined to get the castle back. Real World - Hook lets Emma know that Snow and Regina joined forces. Hook received a message saying that there is a new curse and the only hope is Emma. Emma has to break off her relationship with Walsh. Walsh says he wishes she did not drink the potion. He tries to attack her and becomes a flying monkey during the battle. Emma finds herself fighting him and pushes him off the roof and kills him. Emma talks to to Henry. She says they are going on a road trip. She introduces Henry to Hook and says he is a client. Emma grabs her classic Red leather jacket and heads to Storybrooke. She sees that the town looks the same. Emma goes to see Charming. He says their last year has been wiped away and they are unsure. Snow is pregnant but they cannot remember the year at all. Forest - The Wicked Witch of the West is determined to get revenge. She now has the blood of the Evil Queen. End 

My Thoughts: Yay! Regina meets Robin Hood. He is destined to be her love remember. I wonder if we can finally see Regina happy! She is the evil Queen I hope gets a happy ending. I know I should be focused on everything else going on but frankly I have been waiting for Regina to meet Robin. 

Wow, so Emma was dating a flying monkey for the past 8 months. He was put there to keep her in line and as soon as she stepped out he attacked her. The Wicked Witch should have come up with a different plan instead of attacking. 

The Evil Queen vs the Wicked Witch who will win?

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