Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Walking Dead S4, Ep. 13 "Alone" Recap

Important Moments: Episode starts with Bob before he joined the group; he is just wandering aimlessly. He is surviving on his own. Daryl and Glenn run into Bob. They ask the three questions and are satisfied with his answers. Present Day - Maggie and gang find themselves surrounded by Walkers in the fog, they make it out of the battle. Beth and Daryl are out tracking. Beth is proud to learn how to track. Beth steps in a trap but is okay just that her ankle is compromised. Sasha says they need to stay still until the fog clears. Beth and Daryl come up on a church. Daryl makes a good statement that the good people don't survive. Beth holds Daryl's hand when they stop at a grave that says Beloved Father. 

Bob, Maggie, and Sasha find the sign for sanctuary. They try to decide the best action to take and decide to follow the railroad to the "sanctuary". Beth and Daryl find a church. They find bodies that have been tended to and made to look human again with the use of putty. Sasha tells Bob that they should find higher ground and hole up. They need to talk Maggie into it. Daryl and Beth find food but decide not to eat it all because they recognize it is someone's stash. Daryl decides to sleep in a coffin and tells Beth to keep playing a piano and singing. 

Sasha wakes up and finds Bob staring at a sign that Maggie wrote letting them know she was leaving them and not to risk their lives. They plan to catch up to Maggie. Bob and Sasha are out walking the tracks. They find a zombie that is mutilated and a sign written by Maggie to Glenn in the walker's blood. Daryl and Beth find a dog but it runs away. Sasha and Bob are both awake. Bob says how he wasn't able to sleep when he was out on his own. He realizes he cannot sleep especially with the sound of a walker so close. 

Daryl and Beth are sitting eating and find that there are a crap load of zombies at the door. They come in and Daryl tells Beth to run. He runs to the basement and takes out a lot of them. He makes a run for it. He notices Beth's bag is dropped on the ground and a car speeding away. Daryl tries to run after it and fails. Sasha and Bob find another message from Maggie and continue to follow. Daryl is running on the road and is tired but he is determined to find Beth. He finds himself at a crossroads with the railroad track and sits down sadly. 

Sasha wants Bob to stop and Bob refuses and says he will not leave Maggie alone. Bob kisses Sasha (awe shoot). Bob continues on the path to find Maggie without Sasha. Sasha decides to claim a building. Sasha breaks down crying for a moment. She notices Maggie and causes a window to fall which makes Walkers come from all areas. Sasha and Maggie work together and kill all the Walkers. Maggie admits that she needs help on her mission. Daryl finds himself surrounded by a group but it doesn't stop him from knocking down the leader, Joe. He joins the group. Bob is walking the tracks and is back to being by himself. Luckily Maggie and Sasha join him. They continue to "sanctuary". Glenn finds a sign to "sanctuary".

My Thoughts: I am all for having episodes in which we connect with the characters but I am not sure how many more of these just one or two people for a whole episode type episodes I can take.

A lot of great one liners by Daryl in this episode. I have to tip my hat to the writers. I must admit that Maggie is just annoying at this point. I understand that she wants to find Glenn but she is risking her life and the lives of those in her group in her blind determination.

Beth's determination to make Daryl see that there are good people around is cute but annoying at the same time, people show their true colors when there is no law to stop them.

I will admit it I was annoyed by Maggie but I think I am more annoyed by Sasha just giving up completely. I feel bad for Bob being trapped in the middle of these two females.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. Wow...thanks for the summary! Interesting thoughts! I am just about to watch it now! :) Thanks for it! :)

    1. Thank you. What were your thoughts after watching?