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Resurrection S.1 Ep. 4 “Up Against the World” Recap

Recap: Caleb and Elaine share some father daughter time reminiscing. At Dale Getheard’s house Agent Bellamy and Maggie share their theory of Caleb and Getheard being bank robbers with Langston. Sheriff Langston and Agent Bellamy decide to talk to Caleb. At the church, Pastor Tom Hale and Rachel are trying to figure out how she is back from the dead after 12 years. Rachel does not want him to tell anyone she is there, but he tells her that he must confide in his wife. Rachel asks if the others that have come back had also committed suicide. He tells her no.

That night, some neighborhood kids lurk around the Langston home with flashlights trying to get a look at Jacob, “the ghost boy.” Henry Langston scares them off and Lucille tries to comfort Jacob as he has a seizure. The next day, Maggie checks Jacob out and he seems to be fine. Lucille tells Maggie that Jacob has been eating non-stop.

Pastor Tom Hale tells his wife about his life with Rachel in the past before he became a pastor. He shares that she drove her car off of a bridge and killed herself. He explains that the reason he has finally decided to reveal this part of his past is because she is back. His wife, Janine, feels hurt that he never told her about Rachel before and suspects that he still has feelings for her. Agent Bellamy and Sheriff Langston visit Caleb’s house and tell Elaine that they need to speak to him about Dale Getheard’s murder. They start searching the house and find Caleb’s hammer, the suspected murder weapon. Back at the Langston home, Henry apologizes for how he came across when he said Lucille was betraying the real Jacob. He wonders about the new Jacob not being the same.

Agent Bellamy and Sheriff Langston go over the evidence from the back robbery that Caleb and Dale Getheard may have been a part of. Coincidentally, there is an armored truck robbery happening during present time. It happens to be at the bank where Elaine works. Agent Bellamy and Sheriff Langston arrive on the scene and suspect that Caleb is responsible for the robbery. Elaine talks to Caleb on the phone and he is at home. He tells her that he has a job to get to. Agent Bellamy, Sheriff Langston, and the police arrive at Caleb’s house, but Caleb is gone. Agent Bellamy and Sheriff Langston suspect Elaine may be helping Caleb elude the police so they decide to question her.

Pastor Tom Hale goes out looking for Rachel because she seems to have vanished from the church. He starts thinking about how in love they were. Maggie decides to take Jacob out for ice cream in hopes of getting him to open up. While riding in her car, he tells her how people think that he is weird. Maggie encourages him to confide in her and his mother. He tells her that they just drove by Caleb and she asks him how he knows that. He tells her that he can feel Caleb. Agent Bellamy and Sheriff Langston question Elaine about the access Caleb may have had to bank information. She lies and tells them that he couldn’t have had access to anything. Maggie comes to the sheriff’s office to tell her father that Jacob told her where Caleb is.

Pastor Tom Hale finds Rachel and tells her that her suicide hurt her family and him. Rachel explains that she didn’t plan to commit suicide, but she couldn’t handle the pressure of their lives in the past. She tells him that she wants a life with him now. Pastor Tom Hale explains that he is torn about how he feels about her now. The police close in on Caleb where he is burning something in an abandoned building. He comes out and surrenders as they arrest him. Sheriff Langston tells Caleb that it’s over. Caleb tells him that it’s just beginning as thunder begins to strike.

Review: This week’s episode was better than last’s week’s episode. Elaine is lying about how much access Caleb may have had to bank information. She found him on her office computer when he brought lunch to her. She is trying to protect him, but it doesn’t seem like she knows what to believe. She is so blinded by having her father back that she refuses to face that he may be a thief and a murderer. I really want to know why the resurrected people seem to eat all the time. Not sure what that has to do with them coming back from the dead, but hopefully this will soon be revealed.

Although this episode was better than last week’s, the series is already moving noticeable slower. Pastor Tom Hale is going to have a problem with his wife if she confirms how he feels about Rachel. The connection that Jacob has to Caleb adds to Caleb’s creepiness. We still don’t know who Maggie’s mother’s ex-lover has at his house they may be a resurrected person. What will Caleb say when he is questioned at the sheriff’s office? Still so many questions, but no answers.

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