Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Gear: March Loot Crate Review

This is my second Loot Crate. It was a Titan theme box due to the release of Titanfall. The box was filled with Titanfall and Attack on Titan goodies. As I picked up Titanfall for Xbox One, this box came at the perfect time. The box included a Strategy eGuide which is something I need. I fight like a bruiser so I tend to run up on others in my titan and begin punching when my titan is about to die. I know I need more strategy. 

The box included a Titanfall graphic tee that my students enjoyed. It was a nice quality cotton tee from Respawn Entertainment & EA. Apparently it was only released for the development team so I feel special for having it. In the box was also some epic items such as a Titanfall pin and St. Patrick's Day Candy. I just now realized that my box was missing the pin which makes me upset. I will be contacting the company and seeing if they will fix this oversight. 

The box included the Attack on Titan Manga which I plan on reading. My brother as well as my students enjoy the anime so I promise to one day watch it. The manga was pretty good from what I read. The crate also included an Attack on Titanfall magnet. I collect magnets so I was happy for that as well. Overall the LootCrate gets a thumbs up. I wished there was a figurine though. I think that would have really tied the box together. 

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