Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Teen Wolf S3, Ep. 21 “The Fox and the Wolf” Recap

Important Moments: Episode starts in the past with military men getting rid of bodies. They notice the nogitsune and try to shoot him to stop him. He attacks and kills one and rips the head off of another. Present day Kira’s father finds himself face to face with Stiles (Nogitsune). Stiles poisons him with a fly.  Scott and Kira are together. They found a picture and sword with the body that Stiles found. The picture is of Kira’s grandmother. Kira and Scott rush to save her father and finally confront her mother to tell them everything. Turns out the woman in the picture is Kira’s mother. Kira’s mother is really 900 years old. (She looks good for her age). The blade was shattered in 1943. Turns out Old Creek internment camp was real. Kira’s mother believes the nogitsune came from her.

Past shows Kira’s mother stealing items while she is in the camp. They have to hide the items and are in constant fear. An older lady tries to warn her about her actions but of coarse as a young one she does not listen. Kira’s mother has a relationship with one of the military police, Reece. Everyone in the camp comes down with pneumonia. They realize that the medication is being sold on the black market and the first to die is a little boy. When everyone in the camp realizes what happened they begin to riot. The older lady that advised Kira’s mother was a bitten werewolf. She threw a Molotov cockatail that landed on the man that Kira’s mother was dating. The man was a severe burn victim. They killed everyone and got rid of the bodies to cover it up. Kira’s mother had to lay next to the man she was in love with as well as all the other bodies. He was completely wrapped up in gauze.

Kira’s mother became vengeful when she realized she was going to die. She called out to nogitsune to help her get her vengeance. It possessed, Reece, the man she loved. Kira’s mother was forced to fight him. Together with the werewolf she was able to defeat him. Kira is a thunder kitsune and she has the power to put the sword back together. Kira’s mother states that the only way to save Stiles is to kill him. Past - Kira’s mother buried the jar with the nogitsune in the root of a tree (of coarse it all comes back to the Nemeton tree). The actions of the Scooby Gang released it.

Mr. Stilinski asks Derek and Mr. Argent to help him trap Stiles.  Argent, Stilinski, Alison, and Derek work together to form a plan to trap Stiles. The alarm is tripped at Stilinski’s house. Stiles has come home. They find the chess pieces with notes and see that Derek is being threatened. They try to come up with a plan to confront Stiles at Derek's loft. End

My Thoughts: While I enjoy the kitsune and nogitsune, I think it is a fun story line and would love to read about it in a book but I feel like we are moving too far away from the Teen Wolf story line. I do enjoy seeing evil Stiles but I think we need to move back to what the show is about. The ninjas and everything is fun but not needed for this already rich Teen Wolf world.

Okay so the nogitsune is out for vengeance against those behind the evil at the internment camp. My question is why go after those in Beacon Hills? Do you think Isaac was a descendant of one of those people or maybe the Argents? The nogitsune has a plan and they are all playing into it. 

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