Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Vampire Diaries S5, Ep. 14 “No Exit” Recap

Important Moments: Until Elena is back I will just say Katherine and not mention that she hijacked the body anymore. Episode starts with Damon and Enzo hanging out in a house where they killed the owner and made him into a vampire. Damon feeds on him and rips his head off. Stefan and Katherine are together and he is helping her study. Caroline lets Stefan know that evidence shows that Damon is feeding on vampires. Caroline gets a call from Tyler about Matt missing. Caroline tells Stefan to be careful with the mess that is Elena and Damon. Katherine tells Nadia to kill Matt.

The travelers trapped Enzo and Damon inside the house. It is a test to see how long he can go without feeding. Stefan is talking to Katherine and wants to know why Katherine gave up on Damon so quickly. She distracts him and disables the vehicle. Damon keeps trying to figure out how to get out of the house. Enzo tells him to be calm, they will figure it out. Caroline and Tyler sit down and talk about Matt. Matt shows up with Nadia in tow. Katherine and Stefan are now stuck because of the disabled vehicle and Katherine talks him in to going to a local hotel to get showered and changed. Tyler and Caroline grill Matt and Nadia. Tyler decides to just let it go and believe it but Caroline is not convinced.

Enzo wraps up Damon in chains. Enzo calls Stefan’s phone but Katherine takes the call and she does not tell Stefan. Damon gets free of the chains and begins to feed on Enzo. Damon starts to get sick when he tries to feed from Enzo. Enzo leaves with the Dr. Maxfield who claims he will let him go. Katherine begins to put the moves on Stefan. Stefan gives in but walks away and Katherine is happy that her plan is working. Matt asks the important question about why Nadia is helping Katherine when Katherine will never put her first. Nadia tells Matt that he understands because it is the same way with his mother. Nadia and Matt hook up. While they are hooking up Matt takes her phone and tries to send a text but is caught. Nadia compels Matt but that is after he tells her she is not like her mother. Caroline shows up and realizes Matt has been compelled again. Caroline and Nadia fight, Tyler shows up and jumps into the fight but Nadia is able to get away. 

Katherine and Stefan show up to help Damon. Katherine crosses the threshold. She tries to tell Damon that he is not a lost cause. She purposely cuts herself to prove to Damon that he is stronger. Damon starts feeding on Katherine. She tries to get Stefan to kill Damon but he instead distracts Damon with his blood and breaks his neck.

Tyler apologizes to Caroline for what he did and says he is not past what she did. Damon is chained up in the basement. Stefan says he is not going to give up on Damon. Damon points out how Katherine wanted him dead and Stefan has no words for it. Katherine shows up to visit with Nadia. Katherine is happy and Nadia shows her that Tyler bit her. Caroline shows up to the boarding house. They believe that Elena is acting different. They are able to figure out that Katherine is in Elena’s body. End.

My Thoughts: I can say that I am happy that they are figuring out what Katherine is up to. That story line annoyed me to end. I cannot wait to have the gang together figuring out how to get Elena back and defeat evil Katherine. She just pushed too far too fast. She should have just claimed someone else's body to get Stefan but instead she attempts to come in between the brothers again and she knows that it just does not work. 

I also wonder if Katherine is going to do all it takes to save her daughter or is she going to save herself first. I guess we shall see. 

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