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The Walking Dead S4, Ep 14 "The Grove" Recap

Important Moments: Show starts with the girls playing at a house. Carol is talking to Lizzie. She shares that she misses her daughter. Tyrese wakes up from a nightmare. Mika tells Tyrese not to kill a zombie that is disabled. Carol pulls Mika aside and tells her to toughen up. Mika says she cannot kill people like Lizzie. Mika still refuses to change despite Carol's urges. They stumble unto a house. They all go to the house. They see smoke in the distance, it is probably the house that Beth and Daryl burned. A walker comes outside as the girls sit outside. Mika kills the walker. Lizzie still believes the walkers are human.

They are all in the house together. Mika finds a doll and is happy plying with it. Carol begins making tea and notices Lizzie playing with a walker. Carol kills the walker and Lizzie flips out and claims that she was her friend. Carol tells Mika that she will have to look out for Lizzie. They come upon a deer but Mika cannot shoot it. Tyrese talks to Carol and questions if they should go to Terminus. Mika calls out for Lizie and finds that she is feeding a zombie a mouse. Lizzie talks about changing. They find more zombies that are burned coming towards them. They run back to the house and notify Carol and Tyrese. They all proceed to shoot and kill them even Lizzie.

Carol is talking to Lizzie. She admits she knows what she has to do now. Carol appears to be on board with staying at the house. Tyrese admits he is not ready to be around people yet. He admits to dreaming about Karen. Carol feels guilty but she says that the dead are not haunting them but rather teaching them. Carol and Tyrese walk up and notice that Lizzie is covered in blood and has killed Mika. She wants to show them that they need to wait until Mika wakes up. Carol promises to tie Mika up. 

Carol and Tyrese talk. Tyrese begins to list all Lizzie's infractions. They realize that this is just how Lizzie is. They cannot seem to decide what to do. They admit that Lizzie cannot be around other people. Lizzie begins to cry saying she is sorry and she begs for Carol not to be mad at her. Carol tells Lizzie to just look at the flowers as she pulls her gun. She shoots Lizzie. Carol and Tyrese bury the girls. Carol and Tyrese are in the house. Carol admit to killing Karen. She claims she did it for the good of the group. Tyrese says he forgives Carol but that he will never forget. They decide to move on to Terminus. 
My Thoughts: Yeah, so Lizzie is a pretty screwed up kid. I mean lets be honest, Mika is the strong one of the two. I would want her on my team rather than Lizzie based off the first 20 minutes of the show. 
Okay we all knew Lizzie was crazy but she just killed her sister. Wow. 
Spoiler - I must admit I was happy to see that happen. In the book there was a kid that was an obvious serial killer in the making. Carl killed the kid without blinking an eye. The fact that Lizzie is the one is a nice twist. - End spoiler
So Carol is forced to kill Lizzie for the better or group. We all know Carol always does what is best for the group. Good for Carol for coming clean and wow that Tyrese was able to forgive. I wonder what will happen next. 
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