Sunday, March 16, 2014

Once Upon a Time S3, Ep, 13 "Witch Hunt" Recap

Important Moments: Show starts with the wicked witch playing in the jewelry of the Evil Queen. She even dresses up in her clothes. The group is now on the run away from the castle. They are confronted by a flying monkey. Regina saves Robin hood's son and gives him a stuffed monkey. Present day Emma is with Snow at Storybrooke. Captain Hook lets them know that they were there in fact at the enchanted forest for a year. Turns out people are disappearing from Storybrooke.

Enchanted Forest - Belle lets the group know that she read that winged monkeys are from Oz. The Wicked Witch is in the castle. Present Day - Snow and Charming meet Henry. Regina sees Henry for the first time. Emma is determined to find out who cursed the group. Robin Hood and his men are in the forest attempting to catch food. As John is about to cross the Storybrooke town line he is taken by a flying monkey. Emma is trying to figure out what happened. Emma calls a town meeting to try to find out what is going on. Emma turns on Regina and the town blames her for the curse. Turns out it was a set up by Emma and Regina to draw out the person that really cursed the town.

Enchanted Forest - Regina is opening the tunnel and Robin Hood decides to join her.  Real World - Regina is going to make the memory potion again to help everyone remember what happened in their last year. Enchanted Forest - Robin is following Regina through the tunnels. She has traps in the tunnels that they must make their way through. Regina realizes that a door has been open but it was sealed by blood magic. It is the crypt to her mother. Storybrooke - Snow is with Henry and is freaking out about the baby. Snow meets with Zelena (wicked witch) who claims that she is a midwife and is willing to help her.

Real World - Robin, Hook, and Charming are able to find John. Enchanted Forest - Robin realizes that Regina plans on taking a sleeping potion so she does not have to deal with the pain of losing Henry. Regina still will lower the protection spell but plans to go to sleep. Real World - Regina takes her memory potion that she made but it did not work. They plan to smoke out the person who cast the spell by letting everyone know they are close to making the memory potion. Little John is taken to the hospital and begins to transform into a flying monkey. Emma and Regina are on a stake out. The culprit gets away. 
Enchanted Forest - Regina takes down the protections spell. Just as Regina is about to prick her self she meets the Wicked Witch. Turns out the Wicked Witch is Regina's sister. The Wicked Witch is older. She was given up at birth and they both know Rumplestilskin. Zelena is mad about her life. Zelena is upset when she hears that Cora and Rumple are both dead. Zelena plans on taking everything that matters away from Regina. She then flies away on a broom. Regina releases Robin and plans on destroying Zelena. Real World - Emma brings Regina to meet Henry. They figured out that the Wicked Witch of the West is the one that cursed them. Zelena has Rumple trapped in a cage. 
My Thoughts: Wow! I knew it! Regina has the Wicked Witch as a sister. I cannot wait to see how this plays out. Does this make Regina the Wicked Witch of the East. Do we get to meet the Good Witch, Glinda. Maybe she will show up in the end to help them defeat her. Overall a good episode. I cannot wait to see how Rumple will be in the future. 

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