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The Walking Dead S4, Ep. 16 "A" Season Finale Review

Important Moments: Show starts with a flashback to the time at the prison when everyone was still happy. Fast forward to Rick covered in blood and looking a little freaked out by a truck. Present day Michonne, Rick, and Carl have set up camp. While looking at how to set up a trap they hear someone calling for help. Rick pulls Carl back and they watch as the guy is attacked by a lot of walkers. The Walkers begin to follow them. Prison Flashback - Hershel is asking Rick for help. Present day Rick, Michonne, and Carl find a truck on the road and set up camp by it. Rick finds himself being held at gunpoint by Joe and his group.

Daryl steps up and tells Joe to stop and let them go. Daryl offers himself up in Rick's place. Daryl is being beat up. Joe says his plans of taking out Daryl, Carl, Michonne and saves Rick for last. Rick headbutts Joe. On of the men is attacking Carl. Rick watches as those around him are attacked. Rick literally bites the throat out of Joe. Rick stabs the man that was about to rape his son. Prison Flashback - Hershel talks about growing food and domesticating pigs. Hershel tells Rick the war is over and Carl needs his father.

Rick is sitting at the truck while Michonne and Carl are inside the truck. Now we understand why we get that flash at the beginning of the show. Daryl lets Rick know that he was with Beth but that she is gone now and then he fell into that group. Rick calls Daryl his brother - awe! They are back on the train track going to Terminus. The group heads through the woods to the back of Terminus to get a feel of the place. Michonne shares the story of how her son died with Carl. She was coming back from a run and her boyfriend and friend were high at the time and ended up being bit. That is who she turned into the armless zombies that she had with her. She tells Carl not to be afraid of his Dad. 

They enter Terminus by hopping a gate. They enter and find people prepping signs for Terminus. They are asked to lay down their weapons and are patted down and handed back their weapons. They meet Mary who is on the grill yet again. Rick sees a watch on the welcome guy and holds him at knife point asking where he got that watch. Flashback to the Prison. Rick brought back legos for Carl but he is instead cleaning a gun. He asks Carl for his help and to leave the gun  behind. Present Day - Rick demands where he got the watch, riot gear, and poncho. He as Gareth where are his people. The shooting begins and they try to make a run for it. They run by remains and hear someone cry for help. They keep running but realize they are surrounded. In the background you notice a train with the letter "A". I am guessing that is where they name of the episode comes from. 

They are instructed to go to the train car. Nice names for everyone - leader, archer, samurai. Carl is the last to head towards the car. They are all inside the train car. They find Glenn, Maggie, and the others inside. Prison Flashback - Rick, Carl, and Hershel are working the land for the farm. Present Day - Rick says they will feel pretty stupid when they find out they are screwing with the wrong people. End.

My thoughts: I completely understand why Rick goes medieval on Joe and then the man that was about to rape his son. Take a moment and think what you would do if you were in that position. Teeth are great weapons and we learn as little kids to bite. I tip my hat to Rick for doing what was necessary to save his son, Michonne, and Daryl. Although those deaths happened way too fast. The group was wiped out in one go and we were subjected to countless episodes of just a coupe of characters though out this part of the season. This part could have been stretched out. It felt rushed since this is the season finale. Overall the whole episode feels rushed and could have been a better season finale.

Bad move on Rick's part to jump the gun. He should have waited and made a plan before jumping the guy over the watch. Great job on the flashbacks to the Prison showing how Rick wanted to be a better father for his son but realizes that he understands that there are times that he needs to be vicious to do what needs to be done for his son. 

What did you think about this episode?

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