Friday, March 28, 2014

Titanfall: First Impressions

So the first big name title for Xbox One is out, Titanfall. For those who don’t know Titanfall is a first person shooter where the players alternate between playing as Pilots, highly maneuverable soldiers, and Titans, huge robots. The game is interesting because the whole game is online multiplayer, yup even the campaign mode antagonists are just the other team in a multiplayer match. This is a pretty interesting design choice since most people who play first person shooters flat out ignore the campaign mode. I found the campaign mode pretty interesting but hard to keep up with, the story is driven during the load screens between matches, which can be hard to pay attention to when you’re customizing your character and their Titan loadouts.

The game itself is very good in my opinion. The maneuvering is pretty intuitive for the pilots and their wall running and double jumping as well as for the large Titans. I feel that both are pretty balanced and have their advantages and disadvantages. I also found that all of the weapons were pretty balanced and I never felt that I was “outgunned” by people in higher levels. I also liked that damaging opponents decreases the time until your Titan is available. I think this is better than the kill streak options seen in other games, to me that can sometimes feel unbalanced and the better players eating up the weaker players. I’m also a fan of the maneuverability as it all but eliminates the hated act of camping. Its impossible to stay in one area and collect kills when someone can sneak up from either above, below, or behind you.

Overall I’m very pleased with Titanfall and I think that it is a great opening into the next generation of gaming. The balancing and freedom of movement in this game is a refreshing take on the First Person Shooter. The use of dedicated severs has cut down on any lagging or network problems. I would recommend this game to any owner of an Xbox One. 

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