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X-men Volume 1: Primer Review

X-men Vol. 1 Primer by Brian Wood and Olivier Coipel was a very good book and I must admit I’m very excited for what Vol. 2 will have to offer. This book features the team of Jubilee, Kitty Pryde, Rachel Grey, Psylocke, and Rogue led by FanGirl Review's Editor in Chief’s favorite character, Storm. The story starts out with Jubilee heading back to Westchester, home of the newly built Jean Grey School with an orphan baby she has saved and seems to have adopted. She fears she is being followed and has called the school, the home that took her in as an orphan, for help. 

That’s the obvious move for her because, like all of us, when there’s trouble it’s good to go home and get the help you need. There’s always security with the people you consider family. But since this is an X-men comic the trouble following Jubilee is of course an old enemy and the baby is playing host to an ancient being that was cast out from the planet eons ago and has finally returned to enact her revenge. If you haven’t noticed over the last 40 years of X-men stuff, being a mutant sucks and coincidences like this are more than common.

The story was pretty good but what sold me on the book is how Brian Wood wrote the interactions between the team members. Whether it’s the interactions between Kitty and Jubilee, both of which have had their turns as the audiences POV characters or Psylocke’s aloofness, which is explained in detail in the Uncanny X-force books the interactions and dialogue between the characters is great. What really impresses me was the way he wrote Storm. I’ve always been a fan of the leader character, whether its Leonardo, Cyclops, or Batman, face it he’s the de facto leader of the Justice League, and Storm’s leadership in this is portrayed in a great way. 

It’s an interesting contrast that’s been built since the 80s and Uncanny X-men #201(it’s where Storm and Cyclops fought for leadership of the X-men the synopsis is here), Cyclops had always come across as the guy who was bred for the leader role, the teacher’s pet if you will. But Storm, she was worshiped as goddess before joining the X-men and she was the queen of the most advanced country in the world and it shows, especially when Rachel questions her leadership after a decision she made. I highly recommend you guys check this book out. Also let me know some of your favorite fictional leader characters in the comments.

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