Wednesday, April 16, 2014

3 Types of Android

Recently I haven’t been satisfied with phones, I feel like phones have been trying to sell a gimmick and not the phone. So I dug deep in my pockets and bought 3 types of Android phones the Samsung Galaxy, S5, HTC One (M8), and the Nexus 5. The reason why I named this article “3 Types of Android” is because of TouchWiz, HTC Sense, and Stock Android. Since I’m not much of a reviewer, I’m going to explain why I’m not satisfied with the three starting with Samsung Galaxy S5. The S5 is beautiful with bright vivid colors, great camera, great OS and before I start let me say that Samsung gets so much heat for the plastic build but I really enjoy it. To be able to remove the back, and replace your battery (which rare for phones these days) is really worth the build.

Samsung loves gimmicks and they only amuse you for 5 minutes before they are a waste of space, and you can’t remove nor disable from your phone. Coming up with something innovative is hard and I’m not taking anything away from them, BUT you have to realize most people are buying the cheaper 16GB phone so after the OS install, carriers bloatware, then Samsung’s bloatware you’re down to about 7 or 8 gigs give or take. So with that I say less gimmicks, and more confidence in your phone. After the Samsung Galaxy S4 I got tired of companies's OS masking over the main OS so I got a Nexus 5. Getting updates as soon as they release and having stock android sounds good on paper but my time with the Nexus 5 went from Awesome, to “Are you serious?” to “I’m getting a new phone”. Getting the Nexus 5 on release day way great, the camera sucked, and it was very customizable, but great none the less. The phone got updated to Android 4.4.2, and then NFC stopped working, it would freeze at times, and now they’re rushing out 4.4.3 and then I thought to myself, “Nexus owners don’t have the upper hand because we get updates first, we’re guinea pigs”. We test the updates complain about them, they fix it, and then Google releases it to everyone else. 

Another thing that upset me was Google integrated pictures you post from Google+ with pictures you take with your camera. So now a picture of you and your friends hanging out, then you scroll to the right a “Geeks be like” picture comes up, and finally Hangouts; my only gripe with Hangouts is when someone sends you multiple pictures you do not view them all at once nor can you save them. I have to constantly tell people to send me pictures one by one to the point where people stop sending me pics. Finally we get to the HTC One (M8) and it is a sexy piece of hardware, it’s smooth and fast. The thing I noticed as soon as I took it out of the box was the 3.5mm jack is at the bottom. Really!? It might not bother some people, but I feel like phone is upside down. Maybe I got use to the jack being at the top I don’t know, but I didn’t like it. 

With the Galaxy S5 going up to a 16 MP camera you would have thought HTC would step their game up from the HTC One (M7)…NOPE. It’s still a 4 MP UltraPixel and it takes good pictures, but compared to other phones like Nokia’s Lumia 1020 that boasts a 41 MP camera, Samsung’s S5 has 16 MP, hell even a year old Samsung  S4 has 13 MP camera. The back, home page, and recent apps bezel takes up a lot of the screen when using apps, and internet. After rereading this it sounds like I’m complaining, and hating on Android which is not the case they’re all great phones with the HTC One (M8) taking the win out of the three, and you’re in for a real treat if you get the Google Edition. I feel like after years of all of these phones carrying Android you would think they would have perfected the craft, but sometimes I feel like they’re not even communicating with Google which is weird if you ask me. No phone is prefect I get that, but there’s a difference between phone and OS.

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