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Resurrection S1 Ep. 6 “Home” Recap

Recap: Sheriff Langston reviews the video from the Caleb’s jail cell.  The recording skips right when it looks like he disappears.  Everyone is baffled by Caleb’s disappearance.  Maggie tells Agent Bellamy that she contacted a friend that works for the government, Eric Ward.  At first, he isn’t happy about it, but they both think they need to talk to him to try to figure things out, as they are running out of options.  When Agent Bellamy and Maggie meet with Eric Ward, they discuss the possibilities of cloning and multiverse.  Eric Ward has come up with a mathematical equation for when and where the dead people will show up if more are coming.

Rachael tells Tom that she is pregnant and that she didn’t know this when she drove off the bridge.  Tom tells his wife the news.  She is not pleased and wants to know if Rachael is keeping the baby.  Tom thinks that Rachael will keep the baby.  Tom’s wife cries as she talks about how they have tried to have a baby for three years with no luck. 

Agent Bellamy and Maggie take Eric to see Jacob.  Eric tries to convince the Langstons to let him take Jacob to the lab for testing.  Later, Henry Langston tells Jacob that Caleb disappeared.  Henry hugs and kisses him goodnight.  Henry and Lucille are afraid that Jacob will disappear too. They talk about maybe going to Maryland to let Eric run tests on Jacob in the lab.  Many of the men in town are angry that Caleb is nowhere to be found.  Sheriff Langston goes to poker night at a friend’s house. His friend shows him a room full of guns. He implies that he is ready to get a group of guys together to look for Caleb and take justice into their own hands.  Sheriff Langston shows his disapproval. 
Pastor Tom’s wife tells a woman from the church, Helen, that Rachael is pregnant with Tom’s baby.  Helen goes to visit Rachael at the motel where she is staying.  Helen tells Rachael that she needs to leave Tom alone because she is ruining his marriage.  Helen threatens to tell the church what’s going on.  Rachael tries to call Tom to warn him, but he doesn’t answer.  She calls Agent Bellamy and tells him what Helen plans to do.

At church, there are more people in attendance than usual.  The people start asking about the dead people that have returned.  Some think they may be dangerous because Caleb was dangerous.  Everyone starts arguing and fighting.  Pastor Tom gets everyone to calm down.  Rachael comes to the church and Pastor Tom sees her.  Helen stands up and demands that Tom tell the congregation what he has been hiding.  He says he has nothing to hide.  Helen tells everyone that Rachael is pregnant with his child.  He says that it is true.  Many people leave.

Eric tries to convince Maggie to come to Maryland with him to help study Jacob since the Langstons have decided to let Eric run tests on him in the lab.  Pastor Tom is hurt that his wife talked to Helen about their situation.  His wife accuses him of still being in love with Rachael.  She leaves to stay at her sister’s house for the night. An officer from the sheriff’s department picks Rachael up and says he wants to take her to the station so the sheriff can make sure she feels safe. She finds out he is lying when someone else gets in the back seat and he says they have to make one other stop first. The man that gets in the back is the armored truck robbery victim’s cousin. They take her to a secluded house in the woods.

Henry Langston tells Agent Bellamy that after what happened at the church, he has decided that they won’t be going to Maryland to have testing done on Jacob.  In his bedroom, Sheriff Langston opens a box with a wedding ring in it.  He places the ring in a dish on his nightstand.

Review: No one seems to know where Caleb is, but the townspeople seem to think that the sheriff let him get away.  The cat is out of the bag about Rachael’s pregnancy. What was Tom’s wife thinking when she told the town blabber mouth?  She was obviously very hurt when she made that hasty decision.  Now many townspeople don’t want to follow Pastor Tom.  I’m wondering if Sheriff Langston wife will return or has already returned and just hasn’t revealed herself. 

I enjoyed this episode because we were able to see the Langstons make a tough decision about not letting Eric Ward take Jacob to the lab and we were able to see Sheriff Langston hoping that his wife will return.  We’ll have to wait and see what happens with Pastor Tom, Rachael, the Langstons, and Caleb’s family in a couple of weeks.  The next episode airs April 27th, so no episode next week.  

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