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Being Human S4, Ep.13 Series Finale

"There Goes the Neighborhood pt 3" Recap

Important Moments: Show starts with a flashback of Sally watching Aidan and Josh when they first moved in. Present day - Sally realizes that Aidan is about to kill Josh. Sally uses magic and stops Aidan from killing Josh. Sally sealed them into the basement to protect Josh and Nora. Sally tells Josh and Nora that she loves them and makes the decision to use magic to help Aidan. She knocked him out and begins chanting and says there is always a sacrifice. Sally begins to fade and gives positive words to everyone. Aidan is now human. She then disappears. Ramona shows up and is upset that Sally is gone. She freaks out and destroys the windows and slams Josh, Nora, and Aidan against the wall. They all run out of the house and crash at Nora's. 

Now that Aidan is human they take him to a diner where he gets to enjoy all the bad but good food. Aidan decides to live out at the trailer. He sits by the fire drinking and reflecting on what he has lost. He fells asleep in a sleeping bag in the cold snow. A contractor shows up to the house and sees Ramona. She leads the contractor to her room and kills him. She plans on sending Aidan, Nora, and Josh a message. Aidan appears to be aging quickly. Nora lets him know that his body is shutting down. Aidan admits to Josh that he has a week to live. Nora is upset and mad that this is happening to Aidan. Aidan lets it slip that Nora is pregnant. Josh is excited for the baby. 

Aidan visits Sally's grave. Aidan goes to a bar and spots a vampire and talks to him. He tries to give him good advice. He wants the vampire to turn him. Josh is worried that he may hurt the baby or Nora. Nora drives home the point that she trusts Josh. Josh arrives to the alley behind the bar and finds Aidan and yells at him. Aidan admits that he is afraid to die and there will not be a door for him. Josh lets him know that it will be okay. 

Aidan is back at the trailer and Josh visits him. Aidan has more grey hair and looks pretty bad. He reads the paper and sees a murder of the construction worker. Josh and Aidan plan to end the evil in the house once and for all. Aidan shows up to the house with two bags by himself. He plans on doing it on his own. Aidan is walking around the house like an old man. Ramona lets him know that he fed the house and that being remorseful will not get him out of what he did. Ramona begins torturing Aidan. She pushes him down the stairs and dies in the same spot that Sally did. Before he dies he pulls out a lighter and lights the gas that he spilled in the house. Ramona begins to burn up with the rest of the house. Josh and Nora show up to the burned out house and see the body being taken away. They walk into the home that is a burned out shell and see Aidan as a ghost. He says they won because Josh and Nora are happy living the life. Aidan's door shows up. Aidan says the years with Josh have been the best. Aidan walks through the door and sees Sally. Josh and Nora are able to hear him. Sally and Aidan kiss. 

Flashback of Sally and Aidan making dinner for Josh and Nora. They are all happy. Josh is narrating and saying how essential they were in his life. He wakes up to find himself in the forest with Nora. They believe that they dreamed of Aidan and Josh. They have a little girl named Sally and a son named Aidan. End. 

My Thoughts: This episode so far is pretty sad with first Sally disappearing and then finding out that Aidan only has a week to live. I really wanted him to live and have fun for Sally. She gave her existence for him. Great moment when Josh and Aidan are in the alley. Those two have the perfect bromance. They are truly there for each other and it will be sad to see Josh raising his child without Aidan to support. I wonder if the kid will be named after Sally or Aidan.

I am so sad that this show is ending. I enjoyed it so much and truly will miss this show. I am happy that Aidan used his death to finally destroy Ramona. It was beautiful to see Aidan get his door as we know he was afraid that there was no hope for him and he gets to be with Sally. I also love that we saw Josh and Nora with their children named after Sally and Aidan. They ended the show on a good note. All characters are happy and I finally get a series ending that I can live with.

What did you think of the ending?

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