Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Geek Thoughts: Raiden vs Thor

I decided to pull together another versus battle. This time I will bring together my favorite Fighting Video Game Character against my favorite Mythological Character: Raiden vs Thor.

Raiden is an Elder God of Thunder and Lightning. He originates from the Heavens and resided in the Earthrealm.

Powers: Ability to fly, control lightning, teleportation.
Weapons: Staff or Hammer
Appearance: Is ethereal but will appear on the mortal plane as fully grown male usually wearing white robes and blue vest or a variation of those items. His face is usually covered by a straw hat. In later depictions he has electricity running around his body. 

Thor is the Norse God of Thunder and Ligthning. He is the son of Odin, chief god of Aesir. Thor has his own hall in Aesgard known as Bilskirnir. Thursday, named for Thor, was one of the holiest days for the Norse.

Powers: Super-human strength, Physical Invulnerability, Ability to fly with Mjolnir, Energy blasts with Mjolnir
Weapons: Mjolnir - a hammer that can be thrown to strike enemies and will return to Thor's hand like a boomerang. Jarngreipr are iron gloves or gauntlets used by Thor. Megingjord was a magical belt that increased Thor's already godly physical strength.
Appearance: A huge man with piercing eyes and described as having red hair and a red beard. Often depicted as wearing red. 

Okay now that you have the basic background of each of the opponents. Who do you think will win. This is a hard one as they are both Gods. I based Thor off of Norse Mythology and not Marvel. I also based Raided off more of the Elder God concept. With this in mind if there was a battle between the two, who do you think will win? 

Post by Vikki
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