Saturday, April 26, 2014

Chiller Theatre: Norman Reedus

Hey Everyone,

I had the chance to go to Chiller Theatre this year. Chiller Theatre for the spring was held from April 25th - 27th. This year was extra big as Norman Reedus best known as Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead was in attendance for Friday and Saturday. My dear friend Ruth is a huge fan of Norman and was very excited to meet him and I was determined to get her there. 

I made sure to buy a special limited edition Pop Figurine for the meet and greet in order to secure an awesome signature from Norman. I was in line at 5:30pm and began taking selfie's on the hour as I waited in line and even became good friends with the people behind me as we all waited in the long line. I just kept telling myself it is just like waiting in line for a new roller coaster at Six Flags. 

Ruth and I finally made it to the front of the line and then Norman was swept away for a photo op which resulted in our time being extended by over an hour. It is now after 9pm and we finally get to meet Norman Reedus. He is very nice and gracious to his fans. I was informed that he even stayed until after midnight despite the convention ending at 11pm. That is dedication. As Ruth was getting her figurine signed. I was standing next to her and out of the corner of my eye I see an arm snake in between the two of us and grab the bottle of Jack that was sitting with Norman. When I look to see who was in the personal space of mine and Ruth's I was surprised to see that it was Jon Berthnal known as Shane from The Walking Dead. He was in attendance as well. 

(Thanks Rachel, your pic was way clearer than mine)
Ruth and I had our figurines signed. We received our hug and kiss which made us both happy. As you see from my figurine, it has a little heart next to my name. Ruth's came out way better than mine but that's okay. I had fun at Chiller. Thank you to Dana and Les for providing us with information about the Con and bringing us snacks and a program as we waited in line. We were done by 9:22pm and therefore I lost the bet against Ruth in which I owe her a shot if we were able to meet Norman before 9:30pm. Overall great experience and I would recommend anyone attending. Chiller Theatre had some great stuff and I enjoyed shopping so if you are in the tri-state area of NJ definitely come and check it out. 

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