Friday, April 25, 2014

Scalped Volume 1: Indian Country

So this week I decided to dig in my boxes for something I’ve been meaning to read for a while. I’ve become a huge Jason Aaron fan from his work with Wolverine and the X-men and I’ve heard really good things about his series Scalped that ran from 2007 until 2012 so I decided to dive into it.

Scalped follows Dashiell Bad Horse as he returns to his home reservation, the Prairie Rose Indian Reservation, after being gone for the past 15 years. He comes back with a lot of anger, baggage, attitude, and a couple of secrets. But the reservation he left 15 years ago has gone through changes such as a new Casino is opening up and the reservation being filled to the brim with meth labs and organized crime, and at the center of which is Chief Lincoln Red Crow.

I’m a huge fan of the hard boiled noir genre and this book was right up my alley. I enjoyed learning about some of the secrets Dash is holding as well as the table setting Aaron did with the environment and the other characters. Prairie Rose Indian Reservation has a wealth of secrets and history and I’m very excited to learn more about them.  R.M Guera is doing the art and his work is amazing, he brings to the book a really grizzled and gritty feel to the “Rez” and the characters that really sticks with you and fits the tense situations. I can't wait to read the next volume in my long box as well as get the rest of this series from my Comic Book store and I suggest you guys all do the same.

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