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Game of Thrones S4 Ep.3 “Breaker of Chains” Recap

Recap: Tyrion is arrested following Cersei’s accusation. The guards are looking for Sansa who escapes by boat with the help of Ser Dontes. He delivers her to a ship where she meets with Lord Baelish (Little Finger). Little Finger has Ser Dontes killed right after he delivers Sansa to him. He explains that all that motivated Ser Dontes was gold; not good intentions. He assures her that she is safe now. Margaery discusses her situation with her grandmother. Since the marriage to Joffrey was not consummated, she is not officially the queen. Her grandmother tries to assure her that she will be happier with Joffrey dead.

Tywin discusses the traits of a good king with Joffrey’s brother, since he is next in line to be king. The conversation occurs while Joffrey’s dead body is lying between them. Cersei doesn’t think it is the appropriate time or place for the conversation. After Tywin and Joffrey’s brother leave the room, Jaime enters. Jaime and Cersei argue because Cersei wants him to kill Tyrion. Jaime thinks Tyrion should go to trial. He tries to console her when she starts to cry. They begin to kiss, but Cersei pulls away. Jaime becomes angry, forces himself on her, then basically rapes her.

The Hound and Arya pose as a father and daughter and stay with a man and his daughter for the night. The Hound agrees to work for the man to earn wages, but he is actually lying. The Hound ends up robbing the man. Arya learns a lesson about what the Hound will do to survive. Sam worries about Gilly and her baby being at Castle Black with so many men and takes them away. He clearly has feelings for her and wants to protect her. Stannis Baratheon is eager to make a move for the throne since Joffrey is dead. Tywin tries to make a deal with Prince Oberyn, although Tywin wonders if Oberyn, being a poison expert, helped Tyrion poison Joffrey. Tywin asks Oberyn to serve as one of the councilman for Tyrion’s trial and tells him he will be permitted to avenge his sister’s death. Tywin explains that they need to be allies. Meanwhile, Tywin is locked in the dungeon and left to think about his options. He learns that Sansa is missing. 

The Wildings and the Thenns are on their way to Castle Black, killing everyone in their path. Dany chooses Daario as her champion to fight against the city of Meereen’s champion when she arrives. Daario quickly kills him. Dany tells the people of Meereen about all of the slaves from other cities that now fight for her. Her army begins firing shackles at the city in order to symbolize freedom for the slaves from their captors.

Review:  Sorry for the late recap, guys! This episode showed us that this incestuous relationship between Jaime and Cersei is not over and is becoming more complicated. I did not want to see that rape scene at all. It was wrong on so many levels. First, Jaime is raping his sister. Second, their son’s dead body is in the room. I’m over their relationship. 

It looks like the fight at Castle Black is coming very soon. What will Jon Snow do when he is face to face with Ygritte again? Dany’s army continues to grow. She is already a force to be reckoned with. There is going to be an all out war when everyone collides, which is why Tywin is trying to gain allies.

Will Tyrion ultimately take the fall for Joffrey’s murder?

When are the Whitewalkers going to show up again??

Please let me know what your comments or thoughts are.

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