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The Vampire Diaries S5, Ep.19 "Man on Fire" Recap

Important Moments: Episode starts with Elena studying with Stefan in a coffee shop. Bonnie shows up and is worried about dying if the other side disintegrates. Elena lets Bonnie know that Damon does not want to see her again. Matt and Jeremy are looking for the traveler knife. Damon shows up and is upset that the knife is missing and they realize no one has heard from Tyler. Tyler wakes up for a moment in chains with Markos. The travelers are talking about not having a home and plan to break the curse. They cut Tyler and a traveler by the name of Sloane drinks and has her throat slashed. Enzo shows up to see Stefan and Elena at a coffee shop. Enzo begins to recall his time talking to Maggie. Enzo received information from the travelers about Maggie. It is a picture with her head ripped off. She died in 1960s in Mystic Falls. Enzo believes Stefan killed her. He has Liv's brother under threat and forces Liv to hold Stefan and Elena captive until Stefan starts talking.

Stefan and Elena are tied up with revane soaked ropes. Enzo compelled everyone in the coffee shop. Stefan claims that he was clean then. Enzo calls Damon. Damon realizes that Enzo wants to kill Stefan. Stefan begins to remember where he was that night. Flashback of a woman walking alone. Stefan meets Maggie in an alley after feeding.  Maggie says she has been searching for Damon to get information about Enzo. Maggie wants to kill him. Stefan claims he was trying to scare her. Stefan admits to killing Maggie after Bonnie is threatened.

Damon talks to Sheriff Forbes for information about Maggie. Damon sees the pictures and realizes that he killed Maggie. Flashback of Maggie asking Enzo to make her a vampire to save him. Enzo compelled her to leave and forget about him. Present time Enzo begins torturing Stefan. Damon walks in. Damon admits that he was the one that killed Maggie. Flashback - Damon meets Maggie for a drink. She claims she wants to interview him. Maggie tries to stab him with an Augustine needle. Damon kills her right there in the street. Present day - Enzo does not want to hate Damon. He is truly heart broken. Enzo shuts off his humanity switch as he thinks about all that he lost.

Tyler wakes up and realizes that Sloane is now a vampire. Vampires are the result of witch magic. The prophecy is that the blood of the last doppelgangers will undo the magic of a witch. Sloane drinks the blood. Enzo is drinking and compels everyone to leave. Enzo drinks from Liv. He then stabs Damon in the neck. Enzo takes Elena and runs. Stefan points out that Enzo wants to kill Elena. Elena begins talking to Enzo trying to talk him down. Elena gets up and tries to attack Enzo. Enzo snaps Elena's neck and then Stefan shows up. Fight! Liv and Bonnie sit down. Liv says that there is nothing that can be done. Liv essentially tells Bonnie to talk to Jeremy and let him know that she is leaving. Damon arrives and checks on Elena. Stefan and Enzo are still fighting. Enzo plans on burning Stefan. Stefan reaches in and grabs Enzo's heart. Enzo says it will be sweet revenge when Stefan has to explain killing Damon's bestfriend. Enzo purposely sets Stefan up to rip out his heart. Damon carries Elena home, leaves before she wakes up, and he checks his phone and sees a message from Enzo saying "Cape Horn it is". 

Stefan goes to see Elena. He admits to killing Enzo and they plan to keep this secret from Damon. They want to keep Damon sane so they plan not to tell him his only friend is dead. Jeremy, Matt, and Bonnie are talking. Bonnie wants to talk to Jeremy alone. Bonnie is about to admit that she will die when the other side does but decides not to tell Jeremy at the last moment. Stefan calls and tells Bonnie that Enzo is dead and to keep it a secret. Enzo crosses over but plans revenge. The travelers wake up Sloane and she is not a vampire anymore. Markos says they are ready to begin the work of undoing witch's magic but they will need more blood. Damon is back at the house and says it is all his fault and he will fix it. Stefan tries to urge Damon to leave Enzo alone. Damon says he has to fight for Enzo because he always reminded Damon about his love for Stefan. Enzo stopped Damon from hating Stefan. Enzo is there in the background talking about how Damon cannot give up on a good vendetta and how this one is just starting. 

My thoughts: I enjoyed this episode overall. As soon as Enzo accused Stefan you knew he did not do it. Also once Stefan claimed he did it you knew he was covering for Damon. Maggie was just getting revenge for Enzo's death sadly. I like that Damon came and admitted what he did. Enzo is so broken hearted about Maggie and he cannot bear to lose Maggie and Damon so he actually turns off his humanity switch. It was set up very well and makes you sad to see it happen. He then sets up Stefan to kill him in order to go after the one thing that he knows Damon loves. He wants to tear apart Damon and Stefan. He is determined to destroy Damon for what he did. Then you have the travelers off to the side planning to milk the doppelgangers in order to undo the magic of the witches. Does that mean they will go after the Originals? If they have Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah revert back to their humanselves they can essentially undo vampires all together. It is interesting that they will all die because to become a vampire you must die first. I look forward to seeing how this will play out. 

S/N Who is hoping against hope that Bonnie will be okay? What are your thoughts?

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