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Game of Thrones S.4, Ep.1 “Two Swords” Recap

Recap: Tywin Lannister has two swords forged from the Valyrian steel of one large sword.  He gives one of the swords to his son Jaime.  Jaime looks much better than he did at the end of last season; even though he is missing his right hand.  Jaime still wants to serve on the Kingsguard, but Tywin tells him to return to Casterly Rock as a lord because he doesn’t think he can serve with one hand.  Jaime refuses to go to Casterly Rock.

Tyrion goes to look for Prince Oberyn, one of the royal wedding guests, before he gets into any fights with the other Lannisters. Tyrion finds Prince Oberyn after he stabs a Lannister in the hand in a brothel.  Tyrion speaks to Prince Overyn privately to find out the real reason why he is in King’s Landing.  He explains that his sister Elia had a child with Rhaegar Targaryen.  Rhaegar left her for another woman, a war broke out and the Lannisters came into power.  His sister Elia and her children were murdered.  Elia was raped and split in half with a large sword by the Mountain.

Dany realizes how untamed her dragons are as they fight over a goat and one dragon snaps at her. Dany orders Daario and Grey Worm ride in the back of train as punishment for gambling.

Tyrion and Shae try to convince Sansa to eat in her state of depression.  Sansa has been having trouble sleeping because she thinks about how her brother Robb and her mother were killed.  She goes off to be alone.  Shae is waiting for Tyrion in his room and tries to seduce him.  Tyrion refuses her, explaining that he has too much on his mind.  They argue because Shae thinks he sent diamonds to her to get to her to leave, but Tyrion tells her he doesn’t know what she is talking about.  Nevertheless, he can’t bring himself to tell her that he wants her to stay.

Jaime gets a metal hand.  Cersei is angry about having to get married and having her son Joffrey marry a woman from Highgarden.  Jaime tries to seduce his sister Cersei, but she refuses.  She is angry that Jaime was not there for her and tells him that he took too long to come back.  She doesn’t seem interested in rekindling their love affair.

Ygritte and the rest of the wildings encounter the Thenns, who are cannibals.  At Castle Black, Jon Snow admits to breaking his vows by killing one of their own and sleeping with a wilding girl.  The elders want to kill him, but he tells them about the wildings’ plan to attack Castle Black, so his is life spared.  Back at King’s Landing, Joffrey insults Jaime and taunts him for not having much written about his great deeds in the Book of Brothers.

Daario shares the strategy of learning about the land with Dany.  She and her army find dead bodies on mile markers throughout their journey.  Brienne of Tarth argues with Jaime about his oath to keep the Stark girls safe.  Jaime argues that circumstances have changed since Lady Stark is dead and Sansa is now a Lannister. Ser Dontes, the man that Sansa saved from King Joffrey’s wrath last season, gives her is mother’s necklace to thank her for her mercy.

Arya and the Hound encounter Polliver, the man that stole her sword and killed her friend. Polliver and his companions have been robbing people and doing whatever they want because they are King Joffrey’s men and no one will protest. The Hound expresses that he has no interest in serving King Joffrey. He demands free food and ale. The Hound and Polliver start fighting. The Hound takes out everyone in sight. Arya takes her sword back from Polliver and kills him by slowly stabbing him through the neck.

Review: I have been waiting for this season premiere for months. Early on, this episode is setting us up for major conflict all over the place. It seems like Dany and her army have been traveling forever, but what will happen when they finally reach their destination? Her dragons are becoming vicious and I’m not sure if she will be able to control them. Prince Oberyn arrives at King’s Landing set on revenge against the Lannisters for the murder of his family. Who doesn’t have a bone to pick with the Lannisters?

I’m glad there was no action between Cersei and Jaime.  I don’t know how much more of their incestuous love affair I could take.   I definitely hope that is over, but what will Jaime do now that it seems his heart is broken?  Arya is coming into her own during her travels with the Hound.  She is becoming a killer, avenging the wrongs done against her and her family.  There has to be some kind of payback coming since there are only a few Starks left.

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