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Resurrection S.1, Ep.5 “Insomnia” Recap

Recap: In a dream about Jacob being captured by the government, Agent Bellamy reveals that he was adopted as a baby and never looked for his biological parents. His adopted parents passed away ten years ago.

Jacob is worried that he will be taken away from his parents because people think he is strange like Caleb. Pastor Tom Hale and his wife talk about how she reacted to Rachael showing up. She apologizes for acting jealous. Tom tells her that Rachael went to stay with family in Tennessee. Agent Bellamy talks to Caleb while he is in jail. The discussion about life and death brings back painful memories for Agent Bellamy. Sheriff Langston and Agent Bellamy decide they need to find the money from the armored truck robbery and turn it over to keep the FBI from investigating. They do not want the FBI to question Caleb because he is supposed to be dead. This would also bring more attention to Jacob.

Police officers search Elaine’s house for information that may help in the armored truck robbery. Maggie comes by to check how Elaine is doing. Elaine is upset that Maggie didn’t warn her about the investigation on her father. She has also lost her job at the bank. Pastor Tom Hale brings Rachael some groceries and clothes. She is staying in a motel room that he paying for. Rachael tells him that she hasn’t been feeling well since she’s been back.

Sheriff Langston and Agent Bellamy try to scare some information and a confession out of Caleb so the FBI won’t need to investigate. Caleb is on to what they are doing. Agent Bellamy keeps having flashbacks about another little boy. Caleb is uncooperative. Sheriff Langston slams Caleb’s head into to the cell bars. Caleb yells out that more are coming.

Henry tries to patch things up with his wife. He tells her he doesn’t know how to let the old Jacob go. She tells him that he has to let himself feel the loss. Henry looks through an old photo album of Jacob and he cries. Agent Bellamy tries to persuade Elaine to get information about the stolen money from her father. He tells her that the information will stop the FBI from coming to take Caleb and Jacob away. She storms off. Maggie gets a call from Pastor Tom Hale to check out Rachael. 

Elaine visits Caleb in jail. They argue while Sheriff Langston and Agent Bellamy watch and listen from another room via camera. Elaine tells Caleb that she has trust issues because of him. She leaves upset after telling him that he lied to her about knowing that he had died. Sheriff Langston thinks Caleb is trying to give Elaine clues about where the money is when he starts talking about Dreiser Park. He, Agent Bellamy, and some police officers go to Dreiser Park to check.

At the hospital, Rachael asks Maggie about the others that have returned. After she tells her who else has returned, she asks Rachael if she knows that she is pregnant. Rachael doesn’t understand how that could be since that happened before she died. She begs Maggie not to tell Tom. Maggie tells her that she won’t tell him.
Elaine finds the letter that she had written to her father when he died. The Dreiser Park clue leads her to a framed photo where she finds the letter. A new note on the back of the letter says, “Under the Porch.” Elaine tears the porch apart and finds the money underneath of it. She turns it over to Agent Bellamy. Agent Bellamy goes back to the jail and tells Caleb that he has recovered the stolen money. Caleb says that he can tell him about the boy that haunts him. While coughing and gasping for air, Caleb blurts out that Agent Bellamy feels guilty that the boy was killed and wonders if he is at peace. Agent Bellamy goes to get Caleb some water. When he turns to give it to him, Caleb has vanished.
Agent Bellamy tries to explain what happened to Caleb because Sheriff Langston is having a difficult time believing he vanished. Agent Bellamy remembers Jacob’s dream about Caleb disintegrating into ash. He goes to the Langston home to make sure Jacob is still there. Jacob is fine. He asks, “He’s gone? Isn’t he?”

Review: Good episode this week. Everyone seems to be having trouble sleeping and this leads to more being revealed about each character. So now we know that Agent Bellamy feels guilty about a case going wrong that involved a little boy. The little boy seems to have been killed and Agent Bellamy still feels guilty about, so it affects how he interacts and tries to protect Jacob. It makes sense now that he is still hanging around. Pastor Tom Hale is lying to his wife about where Rachael is. I think she is going to find out somehow to make things interesting. Surprise, surprise – Rachael is pregnant. I wonder if it is Tom’s baby or someone else’s. This could have something to do with why she killed herself before. Tom is bound to find out. Will he leave his wife to be with Rachael if the baby is his?

Caleb has totally lost Elaine’s trust. How did he know about Agent Bellamy’s past? Why and how did he disappear? Will others start to disappear? I can’t wait until next week. Some of these questions have got to be answered.

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