Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Motion Control Gaming: Innovative or does it make us look silly?

     Ever since Duck Hunt, and Time Crisis motion controlled gaming was innovative because at the time no one was doing this so it was fun and very profitable because we shelled out millions of quarters to keep playing. Before I dig deep into this article let me ask you a question. Have you ever gone outside to take the dog out, or get the mail, and you just happen to look through someone’s blinds, and they were jumping around like an ape? Oh this didn’t just start, remember Track and Field for Nintendo? This wasn’t necessarily a bad idea I mean look what it did for the Wii it sold a lot, but it was also all hype. When you first got the Wii you were moving around side to side playing tennis, swinging your arm to play golf, and breaking a sweat at boxing, but after you realize all you had to do was press A, and flick your wrist a little the excitement was over. Which got me thinking, why PlayStation released the PlayStation Move after seeing that the Wii was a gimmick? Now we have the Kinect, at the beginning the idea sounded good on paper, but when you realized you have to move furniture, be so many feet away for the camera to see you, and you have to have the perfect lighting it became tiring.

     Moving in front of a camera isn’t all its cracked up to be which once again had me asking why PlayStation released their camera? Now you might not agree with me on this topic, call me old fashion I just don’t see the excitement in moving around in front of a camera, or even talking to a camera and telling it to start something, and turning off the system when I have a controller in my hands that does just that. It just feels even lazier, when we’re already doing something that’s technically lazy. Sound off guys, what are your thoughts on motion control gaming? Also, I would like to hear your thoughts on PlayStation’s new VR glasses codename “Morpheus”.  

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