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Revolution S.2 Ep.18 “Austin City Limits” Recap

Recap: Neville and Jason are still tracking Monroe, but it seems that Jason is becoming frustrated with his father.  Jason decides to leave his father.  Meanwhile, Miles and Monroe are trying to decide if they should go to Austin or not.  Jason shows up with information from Truman’s office that gives the exact address where the brainwashed cadets will be in Austin. Jason wants to join Miles and Monroe because he wants payback for what was done to him when he was a cadet.  He shows them the serial number on his lower eyelid. Against Charlie’s wishes, they decide to take him in because he may prove to be useful. Fifty miles outside of Willoughby, Texas: Priscilla puts her hand in the campfire while Aaron is asleep.  Her hand starts to burn, but she shows no sign of pain.  When she removes her hand from the fire, her hand heals.  Aaron does not see this happen.

Miles, Monroe, Jason, Charlie, and Connor close in on where the cadets are staying.  The cadets are not there, but it is evident that they were there.  Jason helps them navigate the cadets’ room and look for clues as to why the cadets were sent there without setting off any traps.  They think that they cadets are trying to kill someone named Blanchard who used to be in charge of the Austin area.  Miles and Monroe go to Blanchard’s house, while the others stay in the room to look for more clues. 

Back in the woods, Aaron asks Priscilla if she wants him to help her find her family.  Suddenly, she tells him to hide. A wagon approaches, then passing them. The wagon is apparently full of captured slaves.  Aaron asks Priscilla how she knew the wagon was coming. She tells him that she heard it, but Aaron doesn’t understand how she could have heard it. Back in the cadets’ room, Charlie, Connor, and Jason capture a Patriot cadet handler and ask him where the cadets are going.  The cadet handler taunts Jason about his time as a cadet. Charlie un-cuffs Jason to let him interrogate the officer… with a knife.

Miles and Monroe find Blanchard in the company of a few prostitutes.  They warn him about the Patriots plotting to kill him.  Blanchard plans to fight back.   Blanchard goes to his bedroom to get dressed and a few minutes later, Miles and Monroe hear him scream.  They enter his room to find one of the prostitutes stabbing Blanchard.  After she stabs him, she stabs herself.  Miles and Monroe realize she has a tattoo marking from the Willoughby camp.  They escape out the window when Blanchard’s men show up with their guns drawn.  Later, General Carver puts out an order to kill Monroe. When Miles and Monroe return to the cadets’ room, they find the cadet handler badly beaten.  Jason explains that the cadets are going after General Carver next. They decide to leave the cuffs off of Jason.

Aaron starts to wonder about Priscilla’s behavior.  She hasn’t slept and doesn’t seem to care about where her kids are. It turns out the nano is controlling Priscilla’s body.  The nano reveals that it wants to learn to be human and Aaron is forced to help if he wants Priscilla back.  The nano tracks Rachel and they meet up with her. Aaron does not tell Rachel that Priscilla is being controlled by the nano. General Carver is making a speech in front of the townspeople, while Miles, Monroe, Charlie, Jason, and Connor are walking the crowd trying to find any cadets that may be trying to kill him.  Jason is captured by cadet handlers and they read the numbers on his eyelid to put him under their control. He reveals that they are there to stop the General Carver assassination. 

 While still under their control Jason walks away from the crowd. Charlie follows him, unaware that he is under mind control.  Miles recognizes the cadet he let go back in Willoughby. Charlie finds Jason in a building looking down at the crowd from a window.  When she starts questioning him, he tries to strangle her. She stabs him to break free. She holds him at gunpoint and tries to talk him out of the mind control.   She ends up having to shoot and kill him. Charlie holds him and cries as he dies. Back outside in the crowd, Miles shoots and kills the cadet he recognized before General Carver can be assassinated.  A fight breaks out in the crowd.

Review: The promos for this episode kept saying that one of the main characters was going to die.  I had a feeling that once Jason left his father to switch sides, it was over for him.  I am not happy with the decision to kill him off, but I didn’t really consider him to be a main character this season. This is definitely going to make Neville want revenge.  The strange relationship that Rachel and Miles have is borderline annoying.  It seems like they always wanted to be together, but I guess they feel guilty being together now, even though Rachel’s husband (Miles’s brother) is dead.

It’s interesting that the nano decided to inhabit Priscilla’s body while her mind stays in “perfect world land.”  The nano seems to keep putting Aaron in situations where he feels he is forced to comply with its wishes. What is the nano planning to do?  Inhabit more humans and take over?  I’m not sure where this part of the storyline is going, but it proves to be the most entertaining part of the show right now.  Not a bad episode, but there aren’t many episodes left this season.  I’m ready to see where this is going. 

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