Friday, April 4, 2014

Saga Volume 3 Review

Saga has been one of my favorite series since it came out and this latest volume was an amazing read. Written by Brian K. Vaughn and drawn by Fiona Staples; Saga is at its core about the Newlywed couple Marco and Alana and their newborn daughter Hazel. But the twist is that Alana and Marco are two aliens who started out on different sides of a galaxy spanning war and their union and newborn baby has landed them on the Most Wanted List of both of their planets as well as in the cross-hairs of numerous bounty hunters.

The story is narrated by an older Hazel we have yet to see so it kind of has a feel similar to a recently ended favorite television show of mine, How I Met your Mother. Yes we may know that things work out for Hazel on some level but we have no idea how exactly things get to that point, it’s very much an example of enjoying the journey not the destination which is handled amazingly by Vaughn’s deft writing.

Speaking of Vaughn’s writing he and Staples have collaborated to create an amazing environment that so closely mimics ours but on a slight tilt. This gives you a feeling of familiarity even though you’re dealing with Cyborg Aliens with TV monitors for heads or alien cats who yell out “Lying!!!” whenever someone around them tells a lie, and yes the characters in the story are as annoyed by that as you would be if something like that was real. In this volume we follow Alana, Marco, and the rest of their “crew” to the author of the book that sparked the attraction between the two.
It’s interesting in that this book is derided by the other characters in the story as a “trashy romance novel” but apparently there’s more than meets the eye as it is a deeply metaphorical piece of anti-war propaganda. This almost makes we want to read 50 Shades of Grey to see if there’s some hidden message on consumerism or something. But alas our couple’s stay at the author's lighthouse is brought to an end when their multiple pursuers all converge on the light house and all of their varying agendas clash. I really can’t wait for the next volume and I suggest you guys go out and catch up on this space love action story by  two of the best people making comics today in Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples.
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