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Game of Thrones S4 Ep.5 “First of His Name” Recap

Recap: Tommen is crowned king. Cersei and Margaery discuss Margaery marrying Tommen and Cersei marrying Margaery’s brother Loras. Cersei admits that Joffrey would have been a nightmare for Margaery as a husband. Dany hears of Joffrey’s death. Things are not going well for at least one of the cities of freed slaves. Councils she has set up have been overthrown. Dany decides to stay on to rule instead of heading to Westeros.

Lord Baelish and Sansa (posing as his niece Alayne) arrive to meet Sansa’s Aunt Lysa (Lady Arryn) and her son Robin. When Lord Baelish and Lady Arryn are alone, it is revealed that they plotted and killed Lady Arryn’s husband; not the Lannisters. Lord Baelish and Lady Arryn marry immediately. Later, Lady Arryn accuses Sansa of sleeping with Lord Baelish. Sansa assures her that she is still a virgin. Lady Arryn is well aware of the feelings Lord Baelish has for her late sister. Lady Arryn has plans for Sansa to marry her son Robin if Tyrion is killed.

The Lannisters are in debt, which makes the alliance with the Tyrells and Prince Oberyn. Prince Oberyn assures Cersei that her daughter is safe in Dorne. Arya names the men she is going to kill while the Hound listens. The Hound is one of them. Later, the Hound proves to Arya that she is not ready to fight the men on her list. Lady Brienne continues on her quest to find Sansa. She is headed to Castle Black to see if she is with her brother. Podrick proves to be a poor horseback rider and horrible cook, but he tries to show that he is still useful to Lady Brienne. He tells her that he killed a Kingsguard by putting a spear in the back of his head because he was trying to kill Tyrion. Lady Brienne gains some respect for him and allows him to help her with her armor. 

It turns out that Locke is not really on Jon Snow’s side. He tries to kidnap Bran for his own personal gain. Bran kills Locke in Hodor’s body. Hodor frees the others and they decide to continue on their quest to the north. They do not alert Jon Snow of their presence for fear that he will take Bran to Castle Black. Jon Snow kills Karl Tanner and the women of Craster’s Keep are free. The Night’s Watch burn Craster’s Keep to the ground. Jon Snow’s wolf is freed and they are reunited, but not before the wolf kills his tormenter Rast.

Review: Margaery played it cool with Cersei by pretending not to be very concerned with being queen. Cersei clearly isn’t very fond of Margaery or her family, but is willing to maintain an alliance. Lady Arryn further proved to me that she is absolutely insane. She is still jealous of her sister, even though she is dead. I was surprised her son Robin wasn’t still nursing at the breast this episode.

The Lannisters are working hard to create and maintain alliances for war and finances. At this rate, Lady Brienne may never find Sansa, since she is looking in the wrong place. Sansa may be tempted to run away anyway, since her aunt wants her to marry her cousin. Rast deserved to be killed by the wolf after the way he taunted him. Tommen seems like such a nice kid. I would hate to see him killed in a war for the throne.

I would like to see more of the Whitewalkers. They show up briefly every couple of episodes, then you don’t see them for a while. What a schemer Lord Baelish has turned out to be. Let’s see how far it gets him.

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