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The Vampire Diaries S5, Ep. 20 "What Lies Beneath" Recap

Episode starts with Tyler waking up with a girl kissing him. Tyler changes into a werewolf and gets out of his chains. Damon asked Luke to find Enzo and Stefan walks in trying to get them to stop. Tyler shows up to the boarding house and let Damon and Stefan know that the travelers are after them. Damon takes Elena and Stefan to Caroline's father's cabin to hide them. Caroline is about to walk in the house but she gets a  bad feeling which turns out it is Enzo's spirit.

Bonnie is still lying to Jeremy saying that the other side can be fixed. Her grandmother shows up and tells her to stop lying and to tell Jeremy the truth. Due to the other side breaking down, Enzo is able to move things in the real world. Caroline begins to question if Elena and Stefan are hiding something. Caroline, Elena, Damon, and Stefan decide to play a drinking game of "Never have I ever". Caroline asks about Elena kissing Stefan and Damon asks if anyone lied about where Enzo is. Elena and Stefan weasel their way out of answering. Elena is alone taking a bath and Enzo begins to drown her.

Damon comes in and helps Elena is able to save her. Meanwhile Matt and Jeremy are torturing Julian in Tyler's body. Julian finally works with them and wants them to find his body as a way to protect Tyler. Caroline overhears Stefan talking to Bonnie and finds out Enzo is dead. Elena tells Damon about Enzo.  Damon is upset that they lied and Stefan tells Damon he was concerned that he would hate him.

Enzo lures Damon and Stefan to the wood shed. He sets the place on fire. Damon makes Enzo a deal that he will try to bring him back but he has to let them go first. Enzo frees them. Bonnie and Jeremy try to find Julian's body amongst all the traveler bodies but the other travelers show up and take Julian's body. They fail and Julian is made permanent in Tyler's body. Caroline is upset with Stefan for not telling her the truth. Elena is confused on why Damon is so upset. He kisses her and walks away. Elena is attacked by the travelers as well as Stefan.

My Thoughts:

The travelers have the dopplegangers now, uh oh!

Poor Tyler is gone for now. Can he catch a break?

Enzo was fun when he was alive and now he is just annoying dead. I am over his story. I am not sure how Damon is going to bring him back to life.

I am still Team Stefan and Caroline. Especially when Elena wonders why Caroline to jump to the conclusion of Elena and Stefan hooking up. We all know that is because of Caroline having feelings for Stefan even if she does not admit to it. I think they would make a great couple. I am not sure how Elena would handle it though. 

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