Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Game of Thrones S4 Ep6 “The Laws of Gods and Men” Recap

Recap: Stannis and Davos reach the Iron Bank in hopes of obtaining gold. Davos pleads Stannis’s case, stating that he is rightful heir to the throne and that the Lannisters should not be in power. Once they secure the gold, Davos calls on an old friend for help. Theon’s sister Yara goes to rescue Theon. He is so brainwashed into thinking he is Reek, that he protests and goes back into his cage. A battle takes place and Yara and her men are forced to flee. “My brother is dead,” she says as they leave.

Dany will pay for the herd of goats that her dragons killed. A Meereen resident asks that his father and other crucified masters may be allowed to be buried. Dany allows him to take his father down to bury him. Two hundred and twelve other supplicants are waiting to ask Dany for something.

Tywin and the council discuss Dany’s growing power. Tyrion’s trial begins. Each witness gives his/her account of how Tyrion must be Joffrey’s murderer. In private, Jaime pleads with Tywin to stop the trial and let Tyrion live. Tywin tells him that he will have to leave the Kingsguard and raise a family in Casterly Rock, while he will send Tyrion to Castle Black to join the Night’s Watch. Back in the courtroom, Shea is called as a witness. She claims that Tyrion and Sansa plotted Joffrey’s murder together. After hearing Shea’s lies, Tyrion goes off on his father and the entire court, saying he didn’t kill Joffrey, but he wishes he had. Since the trial is not a fair trial, he demands to have a trial by combat.

Review:  Theon is damaged beyond repair. He is a lost cause. I’m sure he will be tricked into betraying his real family soon enough. Dany sure has her work cut out for her since she has decided to stay in Meereen and rule. It’s going to take a long time to talk to over 200 people and try to right wrongs.

Finally, Tyrion stands up to his father! He actually said he enjoyed watching Joffrey die. The courtroom crowd was not ready for what Tyrion had to say. Will Tywin grant his request to have a trial by combat? Jaime pleaded for Tyrion’s life, but it looks like Tyrion would rather die in a fight than be killed for a murder he didn’t commit. Shea must be really hurt by her situation with Tyrion to lie in court. She probably should have never left King’s Landing.

Who should Tyrion fight if he is allowed his trial by combat? Tywin? A member of the Kings guard? Tywin might pull a fast one and make him fight Jaime.

Please let me know what your comments or thoughts are.
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