Wednesday, May 14, 2014

EA Sports: We Hate Our Fans

EA Sports has made thousands of sports games such as Madden, Fight Night, NBA Live, FIFA, PGA, NHL, and UFC. EA has dominated the competition with the exception of NBA Live, which we won’t be seeing again for a long time thanks to the NBA 2K series. So with that being said EA is threaten by competition if it doesn’t succeed they either pay for exclusive rights, or tuck their tails in and quit. There’s no competition for Madden, they have exclusive rights to the NFL so they can give us the same garbage each year. Its 2014, developers can make open world games with dynamic environments, millions of things are going on in a created city revolving around your character. With that being said why after all of these years of making Madden is there no dynamic environment in this game? Players are on the sideline just standing there rocking back and forward, and fans in the crowd stand up and sit down for no apparent reason.

(The score was 53 to 7, how is it close?)

Speaking of fans, do women not like sports? All I see is a bunch of men like they have been copied, and pasted in the stadium. I guess I got spoiled to NBA 2K14, because the crowd is random, they get up and leave like they’re going to the concession stand. Players are on the sideline drinking Gatorade and get excited when the team makes a shot. It’s the little things that makes a game stand out. Another thing that bothers me, and something that I’ve gotten spoiled from NBA 2K14 is the commentary. In NBA 2K14 the commentators are talking about the team, their records, stats, and players. They also joke around, talk about what happened on the team’s previous game and press conference, and get excited when an amazing play happens. Madden, FIFA, NHL etc. is so generic and also quiet at times that it makes the game very boring. The only good thing that came out of EA Sports is Fight Night, and it doesn’t seem like they’re in a rush to make another series which proves that EA refuses to give the fans what they want especially if they have to put any effort into making the game. I can’t fully blame EA for Madden the NFL took away some of the dynamics such as player can’t knock another players helmet off, ambulances are no longer in the game when a player is injured, Jacksonville Jaguars owner took offense when the stadium was barely filled in Madden 11 so for now on the stadium has to be full, which is crazy because I live in Jacksonville and that stadium really is empty. As fan what can we do to get it in EA’s head that we want change, and that you can’t keep screwing us each year with the same game with minor tweaks?

Post by Rich
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  1. "As fan what can we do to get it in EA’s head that we want change, and that you can’t keep screwing us each year with the same game with minor tweaks?"

    1. You sir, make too much damn sense. That will never happen though, cause Madden bro's have to have their madden.

  2. Realistically I doubt people will "Stop buying the damn games" especially with their exclusive deal with the NFL it won't stop them from putting out the same game.

  3. Let me get this straight...Someone who likely has zero knowledge of the complexity of video game creation and the limits imposed by consoles is complaining that things aren't realistic and engaging enough. Sorry, can't take this drivel seriously. Especially considering the recently announced immersion upgrades coming to the NHL series on XBox One and PS4. Only when systems can provide the power to include such features will we see those features. Try getting a clue before posting some ill-informed tripe for the sake of clicks and views.

  4. If you hate this article, you're really gonna hate the next one. Enjoy :)

  5. I've done what many people constantly threaten, and all i feel now when i see someone complain about how they got screwed by EA is a smug sense of self satisfaction. Quit buying anything from EA. They are a constant disappointment.

  6. While I agree on most of the things posted by the OP, saying that the Jaguars have an empty stadium is a joke that people love passing around because it makes them feel better. 60,000+ fans is NOT any empty stadium.

    Knocking the Jaguars football team is one thing - they aren't a good team at the moment - but people constantly going after their fans is crossing the line. I was born and raised in St. Louis and let me tell you, we aren't anywhere NEAR as loyal to our Rams as Jacksonville natives are. They STILL show up to see a team that had to put up with stuff like a previous GM that all but set that franchise back for at least 5-6 years and a coach that didn't even have the staff to develop a rookie QB (who eventually was ruined and traded to SF).

    Do some research, people - it's not that hard.

    BTW, most teams DONT sell out. Do NOT confuse sellouts with blackouts - they aren't the same. Sellouts mean that there are literally no tickets left in the general seats. Blackouts mean that a team didn't sell 90% of their general seats (club seats and suites don't count towards the 90%), or - if a team agreed to this - 85% of the general seats (although they had to accept a decrease in shared revenue - the Bengals and the Bucs are the teams that have opted in to this).

    If you're wondering, yes, I'm rather jealous of Jacksonville fans because they find the resolve to get up and support their team. Meanwhile, we sit around and do nothing as we keep hearing talk about us losing our team. It pisses me off that they haven't even played in a super bowl and support them like they have, while we have won one, but can't even get 55,000 fans to show up with the threat of relocation. However, that's no excuse for not being honest.