Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Game of Thrones S4 Ep.7 “Mockingbird”

Recap: Arye and the Hound learn of Joffrey’s death. Arye gets to kill one of the men on her list. The Hound tells Arye the story of how his brother the Mountain threw him into a fire when they were children and disfigured him because he thought he stole his toy.

Bronn will not be Tyrion’s champion because Cersei bribed him with a marriage to a wealthy woman. Prince Oberyn tells Tyrion the story of when he first saw him as a baby. He describes how much Cersei hated Tyrion even back then. Prince Oberyn decides to be Tyrion’s champion against the Mountain in his trial by combat. This will allow him to avenge his sister’s death. 

Dany sleeps with Daario, then orders him to kill some slave masters. She later changes her mind about her orders. Melisandre convinces Lord Stannis’s wife to bring her daughter on their journey.

Lady Brienne gets a tip that Arye is alive. She heads to the Eyrie since the Stark girls’ Aunt Lysa is there. She hopes Sansa or Arye is there. Sansa and Robin have a childish argument. Lord Baelish kisses Sansa and Lysa sees it. Lysa later confronts Sansa and tries to throw her though the Moon Door, but Lord Baelish stops her and throws Lysa through the Moon Door instead. 

Review:  Well, at least Tyrion has a champion to fight against the Mountain. Cersei really wants Tyrion to die. She even hated him when he was a baby because she blames him for their mother’s death. The Hound might be out to kill his brother the Mountain anyway. I knew Lord Baelish’s marriage to Lysa would be short. I could tell he was not into her. She was crazy anyway. All those people she had thrown through that Moon Door and then she ends up getting thrown down there herself.

Does Lord Baelish plan to marry Sansa? He was obsessed with her mother, so why not, I guess. What will become of Robin?

Please let me know what your comments or thoughts are.

Post by Veronica Fitzpatrick
Twitter: RonnieLauren 


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