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Revolution S2 Ep.21 “Memorial Day” Recap

Recap:  Neville and Monroe join forces to plot revenge against the Patriots. With Marion’s help, Charlie and Miles plot to steal the Patriots’ mustard gas. They think the Patriots are planning to gas the Texas capital to start a war between Texas and California. Hijacking the train carrying the gas may be the only option to stop them. Rachel sets out to look for Aaron and Priscilla. 

One of Monroe’s men is working as an informant. He tells Monroe Miles’s train hijacking plan. Rachel finds Aaron and Priscilla in a house where the electric is on and music is playing. The nano has programmed Patriot soldiers to sit as if watching television. It has also programmed an old woman to continuously brush her own her hair; so much so that she has a bloody, bald patch on her scalp. Aaron confesses that the nano has taken over Priscilla’s body. The nano shares her plan to reprogram the human species. Rachel slaps the nano in the face and tells it that the idea is crazy.
Miles and his crew put the hijacking plan into action. The Patriots realize something is wrong and they start firing at them while they are on the train. They manage to get the train moving and fight off the Patriots. 

Marion is afraid that Truman will find out that she has been helping Miles. Connor and Neville discuss the strange relationship Miles and Monroe have. Monroe, Connor, and Neville catch up with Miles when he stops the train to neutralize the gas. Monroe holds him at gunpoint to take the train. He plans to run the train into D.C. to burn the city down. Neville turns his gun on Charlie. As his gun goes off, Miles and Monroe knock him out. The bullet hits the mustard gas tank on the train, but no gas leaks out. There is no gas on the train. They realize the mustard gas is back in town and that the Patriots must be planning to gas everyone. Miles, Monroe, and his crew head back to town, while Connor stays behind.

Rachel and Aaron plot to save Priscilla from the nano. When the nano returns to the house with a girl she lured there, Rachel holds her at gunpoint. Rachel and Aaron electrocute the nano to knock her unconscious and talk to Priscilla. They get a glimpse of Priscilla, but the nano comes to and is very angry.

Truman gives a Memorial Day speech for the entire town. There are Texas Rangers in attendance. The president of the Texas Republic (General Carver) and the president of the United States are the surprise guests. The mustard gas has been there all along. Marion finds the gas in a back room of the courthouse. Truman finds her and kills her by stabbing her.

Review:  There is only one more episode to go this season. 
Favorite quote of this episode: “Why are the ones who made me so afraid of what I am?” – The nano
Truman is a sorry excuse for a human being. I can’t wait for him to get his at some point. He doesn’t care who has to die for him to accomplish his mission. The nano is out of control. What will it do to Rachel and Aaron now that she knows they are trying to get rid of it? Connor might be plotting to go out on his own soon. He doesn’t seem to like the relationship that Monroe and Miles have. He sees it as a weakness for his father. Neville is not in his right mind. I knew his alliance with Monroe would be short-lived.

Will Neville show up again? Will Aaron ever get Priscilla back? Will Truman succeed in gassing the entire town?

There will definitely be an explosive season finale. Please let me know what your comments or thoughts are.

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