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Once Upon a Time S3, ep 21, 22 Season Finale

Once Upon a Time S3, Ep21 "Snow Drift"
Once Upon a Time S3, Ep22 "There's No Place Like Home"

The episode starts with a young girl in Boston, 18 years ago being adopted. There is one girl left behind that is sad and it is Emma. Present Day - Emma is with David and Mary Margaret. They will be having a party to announce the name of the baby. Henry comes in with the paper saying he has found an apartment. Robin and Regina are having a nice romantic dinner. Regina tells Robin about the Tinker Bell's spell and how they are destined. Rumple is putting his knife away. Belle walks in with the fake knife and does not want to keep it but he convinces her to anyway. The party is in full swing at Grandmom's. Hook lets it slip that Emma will be going back to New York. Hook goes after her as she walks out. They all finally notice the time portal is open. They all agree not to go near the portal. Hook questions why Emma keeps running. She is just looking for a home.

Emma and Hook notice the portal and decide to check it out. Emma is sucked into the portal and Hook decides to be sucked in as well. They arrive back in the Enchanted Forest. They notice the wanted poster of Snow White and can guess the time table. Emma sees Regina being full Evil Queen mode. They steal some clothes to look normal. We see the first enouncter between Charming and Snow. Hook and Emma essentially mess it up and Snow never meets Charming for the first time.

They run into Rumple. He believes them about being from the future and he is upset with them for messing with the past. To further convince him they show Rumple the book and they notice it is blank. They plot to have Snow steal the ring at another time. Rumple has secured an invitation to the ball. He transforms them into beautiful clothes and changed their looks. Hook and Emma begin to dance at the ball. Regina shows up. Snow is ransacking the Prince's room to get the ring. She grabs the ring and makes a run for it. Unfortunately she drops the ring and Emma has to get the ring to Snow but is captured by the Evil Queen before she can go. Past - Emma is with Neil. They break into a theme park. Neil talks about missing home and Emma is sad that she cannot relate.

Emma is thrown into a dungeon. Snow ends up in the same trap by Charming. Hook shows up. He asks for help in freeing Emma. Now Charming and Snow have to work together. Emma is able to pick her lock to get out. Swan let out another person that was meant to die. Snow comes in and confronts Regina. She plans to use dark fairy dust to kill Regina. Regina plans on killing Snow that night. Regina sets her on fire. While Emma, Hook, Charming, Red Riding Hood, and the other captive as Snow dies. Emma realizes that Snow must be alive. They figured the lady bug that is flying around is Snow. The blue fairy shows up and brings Snow back. Snow goes on to save Charming from the Troll bridge. They are now back on track. Rumple does not plan to send them to the future but decides to send them somewhere else. Rumple puts them in a place where he keeps his dark items. Hook tells Emma to stop running and to open the portal that Rumple is not able to. She has a great talk with Hook and she realizes how much she misses her parents until she thought she lost them. Emma's magic is restored and she is able to open the portal. Emma, Mystery Girl, and Hook make it back to the future. Emma runs off to see her parents. She hugs them and says she is not going anywhere.

Charming and Snow name the baby after Neil. Emma asks Hook how he was able to run past the curse. Hook traded the Jolly Roger for a magical bean to find Emma. Emma kisses Hook. Belle and Rumple have their wedding. Regina and Robin Hood are together and happy. The mystery woman is Robin Hood's wife and mother to his son. Regina blames Emma and how she never thinks of consequences. The portal also broguht back a relic from Rumple's room. In it blue water pours out and it forms into Elsa the Ice Queen from Frozen. Well done!

My Thoughts: First episode is very much a back to the future type episode. I swear I was ready to hear the Space-Time Continuum quote. It is nice to see Emma dressed for a ball and experiencing something that she was always meant to.

The journey of Emma getting her parents back on track was nice. It was nice to see Emma finally appreciate her parents and all that they went through. The show did drag a little bit but overall it was good. I was sad for Regina when she realizes she has lost Robin.

Omg! I am so excited for this new princess. This show was having more of the classic princesses and stories and it is nice to see a new one being used. Adding Elsa will be interesting.

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