Friday, May 9, 2014

The Vampire Diaries S5, Ep 21 "Promised Land" Recap

Episode starts with Damon having kidnapped a traveler. Unfortunately despite torture the traveler does not talk. Stefan and Elena are being drained of their blood. An unknown traveler helps Stefan escape who in turn frees Elena. Elena and Stefan are on the run. Damon is in charge of killing Markos. Bonnie's lie is about to bite her in the behind because now everyone believes that Liz is working on a spell to save Bonnie. Stefan surprisingly gives Elena a pep talk to be with Damon as they are miserable without each other. Luke and Liz meet to talk about failing the dopplegangers. Liz says they have to kill Stefan and Elena. Turns out the one that freed them is Julian's wife. She picks them up to help them.

Damon takes the bodies of the travelers to be a bargaining chip. Markos shows up to the cave and finds a note from Damon. Bonnie finally admits to Caroline that there is no spell. Enzo is in the corner when Bonnie makes the confession. Turns out Markos does not care if they get the bodies back or not. He is fine with leaving the travelers in their current bodies. The spell begins as they talk. Liz stops the truck with Elena and Stefan in it. She causes the car to crash. Liz and Luke let Elena and Stefan know that only one has to die. They have to make a choice. Enzo is upset with Bonnie for lying. Damon frees the Tyler/Julian traveler. Luke and Liz lose their magic mid way. 

Elena's and Stefan's day light rings stop working. Luckily they can get into the bar. Elena and Stefan begin to revert back to how they died. Julian appears and bites Markos. Julian loses his fangs. The traveler bodies start to come to life. Damon begins to relive his death. Damon and Julian make a run for it as Markos claims his house. Damon makes it to the road and Jeremy is driving. Bonnie believes she knows how to get them all back from the other side but she needs Enzo. Jeremy brings Damon to Elena and Stefan. Stefan has to tell Julian that Maria is dead. Julian rips out Stefan's heart and says that a dead doppleganger stops the spell. Stefan shows up to Bonnie. Caroline is upset and crying over Stefan's dead body. 

My Thoughts: Great episode! Markos is a jerk but he just wants to save his people so I understand. Stefan dying was a great moment for this episode. I do not think anyone was ready for that to happen. Plus I must admit I like this Julian character. He just does not care and is so honest that it is fun to watch the character. I wonder how Bonnie is going to work it to bring everyone back. What are your thoughts?

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