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Once Upon a Time S3, Ep.20 "Kansas" Recap

Show starts with Snow being rushed to the hospital to give birth. Zelena has collected the brains from Rumple. Past - Zelena watches as Regina tries to learn magic. Glinda walks in. She lets Zelena know that she cannot change her destiny. Glinda offers to take Zelena to meet her real sisters. Real world - Emma plans to take the fight to Zelena. Hook questions why Emma is so determined to leave Storybrooke. They together face Zelena who has Rumple drown Hook. Past - Glinda brings Zelena to the other witches from the south and east. Present day - Emma breathes in to Hook to save him and looses her powers. 

Past - Glinda gives Zelena a pendant for joining the group. Present - Zelena is making her way to the hospital. She takes out Robin Hood, Belle, and Regina like it is nothing. Past - Glinda and Zelena are together and they see a cyclone. They find a young girl in a house from Kansas named Dorothy Gale. Present Day - Mary Margaret gives birth to a baby boy. In walks Zelena who takes the baby and freezes everyone in the room and leaves. Past - Zelena is upset with Glinda. She has become jealous of Dorothy and fears that she is evil like the book of prophecy stated and that Dorothy is here to defeat her. Present Day - Everyone believes Regina can use light magic to defeat Zelena. 

Past - Zelena sees Dorothy at the well. She is about throw fire on Dorothy and she throws water at Zelena. Zelena begins to melt. Glinda shows up and says she is part of the sisterhood. As she takes Dorothy down the yellow brick road, Zelena comes back to life. Present - Zelena begins to do the spell to change the past. Regina uses light magic and knocks Zelena down. She rips off her pendant and they get the knife from Zelena. As Rumple is about to kill Zelena, Regina stops him saying heroes do not killed. Past - Dorothy is taken to the wizard of oz and she wishes to get home. The wizard gives her slippers but they are not ruby slippers. Turns out Zelena was playing as the wizard and sent Dorothy away. She sent away Glinda so she could not stop her. Present - Zelena wonders why Regina saved her. Regina tries to explain to Zelena that she will not kill her but will give her a second chance. 

Mr. Gold is back in his shop. Belle walks in. Regina gave Belle the knife and Belle in turn gives it back to Rumple. However Rumple gives the knife back to Belle as a proposal. Charming walks in with the baby and Snow is overcome with joy. Emma says to Hook it is okay that she does not have her power back because she will not need it in New York. Rumple shows up to see Zelena. Rumple actually has the real knife and kills Zelena because she lead to Neal's death. When she dies a green mist comes out from her pendant and makes it's way to where she was conducting her spell and opens a portal. 

My Thoughts: Again I love the Regina is such a character of depth. She truly has changed and should never be referred to as the Evil Queen again. She turns into the hero when she needs to. She is able to wield dark and light magic. I just want to see her happy with Robin Hood.

I am still rooting for Hook. He is the bad guy I have come to love. I hope that Emma has enough sense to let go of this dream of New York. She needs to understand that it was never real and she will be in for a rude awakening when she learns that Henry will not want to leave Storybrooke.

Based off of the previews it looks like the portal will take us to another land. What land do you think the portal will take us?

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