Sunday, May 4, 2014

Revolution S2 Ep.19 “$#!& Happens” Recap

Recap: Miles kills about seven Texas rangers that are trailing him and the others. He sustains some injuries during the fight. Everyone starts to worry when Miles doesn’t show up back at the camp. Charlie, Rachel, and Monroe go to look for him. They split up and Tom Neville finds Charlie. He questions her about Jason. Charlie lies and tells him she doesn’t know where he is. He forces her to take him to the camp.

Aaron asks the nano/Priscilla to locate Miles. She doesn’t think Miles is worth saving because he has dark thoughts. The nano saw these dark thoughts by tapping into his brain six months ago. Miles is having flashbacks of his dark past, while he is slowly bleeding to death in an underground shelter he has fallen into. While looking for Miles, Rachel and Monroe argue. Monroe brings up the night Rachel slept with him in Philadelphia. Tom Neville finally realizes that Jason is dead. Charlie admits to killing him. She explains that the Patriots used Jason’s number to activate him and that she had to kill him. Tom Neville tries to shoot her in the head, but he is out of bullets. Charlie leaves him there to cry. 

Rachel and Monroe find some of Miles’s belongings while they are looking for him. Rachel worries that he is dead when they find his bloody jacket. Two days later, everyone is still looking for Miles. The nano/Priscilla still refuses to locate Miles. She tells Aaron to stop asking to find Miles or she will kill Priscilla and all his other friends. Miles prepares to shoot himself when he has a flashback from six months ago. He has a vision of his dead brother, which is actually the nano. His brother accuses him of sleeping with his wife, Rachel. He tells Miles that he will lead Rachel and Charlie to their death. Back in present time, Miles starts to remember happier thoughts and decides not to kill himself. He manages to get out of the underground shelter.

Review: Finally, episode 19 is aired after a few weeks off. Only three episodes left for season two. Favorite quote of this episode: “Is your ass made out of candy?”

Rachel slept with Monroe back in Philadelphia?? I guess she got around. This episode focused on a few internal conflicts. Miles is having trouble dealing with his dark past and the fact that he betrayed his brother by sleeping with Rachel. Charlie has to cope with having killed Jason, while Neville is left to mourn. Rachel has to face the truth about the poor choices she made, her judgment of others, and sleeping with other men besides her husband.

The nano is trying to learn more about what it’s like to be human during this episode. Poor Aaron is forced to comply with the nano’s requests. The storyline didn’t progress much this week, but this episode gave us a good look into the demons everyone is battling.

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