Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Vampire Diaries S5, Ep. 22 "Home" Season Finale

Important Moments: Show starts with Caroline crying over Stefan. Damon and Elena are upset. Stefan in ghost world almost is sucked into the nothing when he is helped by Lexi. Damon is upset and tearing things apart and yelling at Bonnie. Enzo says he has a plan. Caroline and Elena stop the witches. Caroline kills Luke to help Liv get some motivation to help them. Sheriff Forbes is talking to Markos. He shows her Julian who killed the doppleganger. They plan to take Julian across the town line where he will revert back to his original nature of being a werewolf with a broken neck. Bonnie sees Tyler and tells him he is dead. She lets him know they will bring him back. There is a long list of people they need to bring back to life. They plan to kill as many travelers as possible.

Lexi is about to tell Stefan about Caroline when they see Sheriff Forbes talking to Markos trying to pull all the travelers together. Bonnie realizes that Enzo brings Silas as the traveler that can bring them all back to life. Lexi is trying to find Alaric. Damon tells Elena that he is going to be the one to trigger the gas. Bonnie watches Silas being sucked away as she tries not to save him. Liv works the spell. Bonnie sees her Grams. She says she knows that Bonnie cannot survive all those people passing through. Bonnie still will die as she will be the anchor. Her Grams says she will help Bonnie find peace.

Damon is about to head into town and Elena decides to go with him. They speed into Mystic Falls and into the bar causing it to go boom. All the travelers come and go through Bonnie. Damon and Elena pass though as well. She sees Alaric and he says he will find Damon. Damon sees Sheriff Forbes and he helps free her. Tyler comes back but not as a hybrid anymore. Elena refuses to leave without Damon. Bonnie touches Elena making her leave. Stefan sees Bonnie stumble and fall and catches her making him pass through by mistake. 

Lexi recognizes that it is killing Bonnie. Lexi refuses to go and instead passes on to the other side as she makes peace. Bonnie is about to touch Damon but it does not work as Luke stops the spell. Stefan is sad that he lost both Damon and Lexi. Caroline is there to comfort him. Elena is upset with Damon for leaving her. She cannot feel him as he says I love you. Bonnie finally admits to Jeremy that she will go away as the anchor. She says bye to him on the phone and he yells at her not to hang up. He runs to Bonnie. Alaric is there for Elena as she grieves for Damon. Elena hears Jeremy screaming for Bonnie. He is running through the woods to find her. They all see Bonnie. Bonnie and Damon are standing together, linked hands, as they are both sucked away. The screen goes white - End. 

My Thoughts: Fun episode to see some old characters like Lexi, Alaric, and Silas. I like that Elena and Damon "Bonnie and Clyde" their way into the bar and blow it up. I think it was a little too predictable that Damon would have problems with getting through.
The cryptic message of Bonnie's Grams leads me to believe that she has a plan that will save Bonnie and Damon by extension. I think the screen going white might not mean that they were sucked away. It should be interesting to see next season and how they will bring back Damon and Bonnie.

Why is Tyler not a hybrid anymore but Elena and Stefan are still vampires. That does not make sense unless because he died as a werewolf and not a hybrid might be why.

What are your thoughts?

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