Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Movie Review: The Edge of Tomorrow

The Edge of Tomorrow is a Sci Fi Based Movie starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt. The two of them are faced with saving the Earth from an invincible alien race that no military unit in the world is able to beat. Tom Cruise is officer William Cage, a military promotional recruiter, assigned to fight at the front line. The only problem is this would be his first combat mission, (*cough* suicide *cough*). Within moments of landing on the beach he is killed. However under strange circumstances Cage finds himself thrown into a loop, in which he faces the same fight and his death over again. Each time he repeats the event his skills as well as what is happening and how to fix it improves. Bringing him closer to a military partner (Emily Blunt) to defeating the aliens.

The movie was decent! The good news it has plenty of action.  Emily Blunt did a fabulous job in believing that she is a tough hard nose military expert. Tom Cruise was not over the top and did well as William Cage. In the beginning it seemed like it would be typical overacting Tom but as the movie proceeded and the action build, Tom stayed within the role. The supporting actors were decent and the CGI effective having you believe that a "matrix " like doomsday was inevitable. 

The movie would do well in the box office if it did not open simultaneously with another book to film, The Fault in Our Stars. To our surprise the younger (and majority) audience of weekend movie goers were filling up the theater to see that tear jerker v. Our William Cage. If you go see Tom and Emily it's a fun ride that will have you thinking maybe I could blow my brains out and reset (don't count on it)!

Post by James A Crittenden

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